Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten Things on 10-10-10

Happy October 10, 2010! As my nerdy (a HUGE compliment from me) friend Evan reminded me via Twitter, today is 42 in binary code. I decided to implement the date into my post and let ya'll in on 10 things I did this weekend.

1. Watched the Gators play against LSU on Florida Field.

This was a nail-biting, close game that ended in heartbreak. Anything can happen in college football. I don't want to blame it on bad calls made by refs or mad hatters, but we're a tough team (we are Florida, after all) and it's tough to see the Gators lose a game we should have won had calls been made differently.

2. Ate my usual dinner at my favorite hometown restaurant: Frenchy's Rockaway Grill. I always get the Tropical Chicken Walnut Salad.

3. A "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy marathon on USA. I love me some Jack Sparrow. Orlando Bloom ain't half bad, either.

4. Seeing friends from out of town!

5. Because of number 4, having the weekend off from work. Enough said. So much more fun - strange, right?!

6. Surviving the entire weekend without so much as a glass of coffee, a sugar-free Red Bull, a Diet Coke or a 5-Hour Energy.

Turns out, I didn't die or spontaneously fall asleep without caffeine. No one is more surprised than I am.

7. When I finally did sleep, I slept with my head at the foot of the bed. A true testament to college gameday.

8. Ate in accordance with gameday: Larry's Subs (chicken salad with provolone), Leonardo's pizza (spinach and tomato) and a few bites of sausage jambalaya. A lot of meat! (TWSS - proceed with caution).

9. Gymmed it up this morning and had a nice lower body weights session. I've been craving weight lifting more than cardio lately, and this was just what I needed to start the day!

10. Baked Trader Joe's pumpkin bread, and added chocolate chips to it. Yum! Post about that to come tomorrow...

Hope you enjoyed your 10-10-10! What were you up to this weekend?


  1. I had such a blast this weekend, and I LOVE this post - 101010 is such a cool date, haha!

    I feel like I always crave a good weight sesh over cardio, so I totally know what you mean girl!

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. sounds like a great weekend! my sister was home, and we hung out, watched football, and ate pumpkin icecream!

  3. I love that pumpkin bread mix from TJ's. So delicious!!!

  4. i love these kinda posts!!! :)

    frenchy's is the best.. can you believe my brother's never been there??? he told me that the other day and my jaw dropped!

  5. Looks like a fabulous weekend! :)

    I'm with you, I never think I can live without caffeine and when I do, I'm like, whoa, I CAN do it, haha.

  6. This weekend was full of relaxing with the fam. It was much needed!! I need to try your caffeine experiment sometime...I don't drink a TON of it, but I do need tea/Diet Coke with lunch every day!

  7. I'm a Tennessee fan, but I don't really want to talk about that...I went to Six Flags and baked an apple pie. So it wasn't a total loss of a weekend :)