Thursday, October 14, 2010


I'm starting to realize I should have washed my hands before typing this post: I just put red velvet mix in the oven to transform into soft, moist cupcakes, and the remnants of batter (that I didn't lick off my fingers) are getting my keyboard sticky.

Midterms week is over and homecoming weekend is beginning for me. My friends and I are celebrating with a dinner party tonight. After debating what to contribute for dessert, I decided to take the easy road out with Duncan Hines Red Velvet mix:

My apartment smells lovely.

After letting the cupcakes cool I'm going to top them with cream cheese and get fancy a la Drake and The Cheesecake Factory & top 'em with white chocolate shavings. And then I will keep them far, far away from me til tonight, after which they'll probably look more like this:

To keep the red theme present, I think a bottle of red is also in order - Cheers to girl's night and the weekend!

How do you like to contribute to dinner parties?

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