Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Hoarder No More

I updated my Facebook status yesterday. It read (and still reads):

Jenny Demartini: Two months to the day away from graduation... When did this happen?

Since I'm getting close to getting dressed in a cap and gown, it's time to stop nesting and start going through what I have, because I don't want to end up on an episode of Hoarders. This applies to:
  • Shampoo (body Wash, bath products) - Trying new bath products that have awesome scents is an addiction - I currently have cinnamon bun-, coconut-, pomegranate- and cherry blossom-scented products in my shower.)
  • Mascaras - I bought brown because I thought it would look more professional, but it just looks non-existent, which defeats its purpose. Note to self: stick with Maybelline's The Colossal Volum' Express in Glam Black.
  • Tank tops - who else does this? I think I have 47 white tank tops in my dresser right now. Not necessary.
Clothes and bath products are not the only things I have to go through before I pack my apartment up to make the big move to wherever I end up - I have to consider the food! I don't think I would be able to leftover nonperishables if I don't have an exact location, and don't think I'd want them sitting around in a POD, storage unit or closet while I figure that out. Just the thought creeps me out a little, understandably so.

This is the current state of nonperishable food items in my pantry:

What I have to eat through:
  • Grains: orzo, pasta, oats, popcorn and cereal. I guarantee I can clear through those oats quickly if need be (especially with the PB on the right hand side of the cabinet), and will probably have an Italian-themed dinner party and include the dried mushrooms and pasta sauce to clear out the pasta. Maybe before DJ Pauly D tomorrow night?
  • Proteins: Tuna, cans of beans, powders. I love tuna salad on spinach, and think those baked beans will make an excellent sweet potato topping, as I've learned here.
  • Coffee! Something tells me I'll have no problem making this disappear, considering how it's Monday and I've already finished a carafe of iced coffee. Totally acceptable.
  • Sauces and spices: I have a lot of them! Pumpkin pie spice, adobo, soy sauce, balsamic and so many more! Anyone know how long most spices last? This calls for Google.
So, this is totally doable, especially in two months. I know I'll need to hit up Publix for some fresh veggies, almond milk and quick to-go snack/meals for class (read: Clif bars), but am still aiming to buy only what I need. I have to put my money where it really matters, like at the Florida/Georgia game and in Orlando this weekend!

Time for a favor: How can I get creative with the foods I have in my pantry? How do you use up the food you have around the house without letting much go to waste?


  1. haha i love the connection of pasta and dj paula d. everytime i think of tomato sauce or pickles jersey shore pops into my head :p. every year my family tries to clean out our fridge/pantry so i end up baking alot. you can grind up the oats to make a flour to use those up. maybe add some pumpkin pie spice to your coffee to use that up? i like to add other spices to plain tuna to jazz it up. hope that helps :)

  2. I tend to just eat massive quantities of one food. Can of chickpeas? Mix the whole lot with some salsa. Quinoa? Cook a whole bunch and eat it twice a day. Not the most exciting way to use foods, but it does the trick!!

  3. I actually throw "pantry parties" sometimes where everybody goes through their pantries and we come up with the most recipes we can make, combined. It's great because it uses up the things that I stockpile by accident (one time I had about four bags of white beans, haha.)
    Then you get together and cook together and use everything up! It's a good time. What Gabriela said up there works really well too.

  4. I love that Hoarders is your motivation to start cleaning and getting rid of things. I'm the same way--that show scares you into having a clean apartment!!

  5. I also have quite a lot of grains in my pantry that I'm trying to use up and i've found the best way is to make grain-based salads with lots of veggies and some protein (hello tuna and chickpeas!) at the beginning of the week. That way I don't have to wait for them to cook when I'm really hungry. :D