Monday, October 4, 2010

Food, Travel and Memories: Sweet Red Bean Curd Dumplings

It seems like yesterday that we were docked at Raffles Marina in Singapore, but it also seems like ages have passed between now and then.

During my time with Class Afloat, the Concordia spent over a month in port while most of us (Americans, at least) went home for Christmas and the holidays.

When we arrived for second semester, we had a new cook and a new breakfast dish for the week of sail training for the new students: sweet red bean curd dumplings. As Anthony Bourdain says, "there are certain dishes worth traveling for."

This, my friends, is one such delight:

The steamed dumplings are doughy, light and perfect for an easy-to-eat pre-Colours/cleaning/training/school breakfast. Lately, I've been craving these dumplings like you wouldn't believe - I even tweeted about it last weekend!

As much as I'd love the opportunity to jump on a Singapore Airlines flight to one of my favorite areas of the world, it simply is not feasible at the moment. I've been working hard to find replications in Gainesville at Asian markets, but have not had the luck to find that sweet taste that benefits my tastebuds and also feeds the travel bug inside of me.

Since I can't just up and leave whenever I desire, I'll keep searching and trying to recreate these sweet red bean curd dumplings.

Speaking of Singapore Airlines, here's a fun fact: the flight from Singapore to Newark is 18 hours long. Somehow I got upgraded to first class and managed to sleep the entire flight to New Jersey! I was tired after two all-nighters!

This iStock photo is completely accurate - for the mere moments I was awake during the flight, I recieved the best service I've ever had on an airplane: hot hand towels, wine and Ben & Jerry's ice cream included. I highly recommend flying with Singapore Air!


  1. so jealous of your travels! singapore air sounds amazing, though. definitely different than the US airline experience. :-)

  2. im jealous too of your class afloat :) an 18 hour flight sounds soso long.. that's awesome you slept during it!

    travelbug is so cute sounding! you should start a business with it :)