Sunday, September 26, 2010

Strawberries and Chocolate Sauce

This morning, I ate at one of Chicago's numerous restaurants for brunch: Yolk. I arrived hungry after a night of supporting the Gators as they beat Kentucky.

Fun Fact: UF Coach Urban Meyer celebrated his 100th win last night, and second-string quarterback Trey Burton scored a record-breaking six touchdowns!

Back to the (food) business: Brunch.

I ordered the Iron Man, an egg white & veggie scramble. It was so good I even tweeted about it! My friend ordered a meat-laden breakfast, and got a small (sarcastic) side order of the most delicious, dessert-like pancakes. Ever.

My newest obsession.

Yes, this is a side order, of luscious, buttery, fluffy pancakes topped with powdered sugar, strawberries and chocolate sauce. Holy deliciousness! I used all of my willpower to eat veggies before stealing a few bites of these.

Comical: said friend asked for maple syrup to top these babies with.

My sugar-free approach to life went straight out the window when these were placed at our table, and they were absolutely worth it.


  1. And is Florida ready for a whooping next week?

  2. hahaha sounds like a win win day! football win plus food win = awesome! i think you need to recreate them for suree :)

  3. Why would those pancakes need syrup?! LOL They look heavenly. And with some veggie omelet action - a great way to start the day. ;)

  4. I would definitely be the person asking for syrup to top those off! They look so good!

  5. i..want..that..pancake.. NOW! YUMM!!

  6. Those look SO GOOD. Though I'm amused that your friend asked for maple syrup...I feel like chocolate sauce is always enough!!

  7. those pancakes look amazing! definitely a great way to start a sunday.

  8. I want to eat those right now! Yum! =)