Friday, September 3, 2010


An organized pantry is a happy pantry, at least in my book.

Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to clean, organize and be domestic? Today was that day for me. I scrubbed my showers, floors and baked a cake. No joke. This is by no means a normal occurrence in casa Demartini. The baking maybe, the cleaning, not so much;)

My organized, but small, pantry;)

My pantry needed serious cleaning. So did my fridge, but I won't force a picture of that upon you. I actually wouldn't dare. I am in college after all. My A-Type personality got the best of me and I cleaned both. Now my pantry and fridge are nice and organized - we'll see how long that lasts;)

Now that that business is taken care of, we can get down to the nonsense that everyone has been telling me lately- that I look like Sammi from Jersey Shore.

Mayyyybe that might be a little factual, but people have been coming from the woodwork to let me know she is my doppelganger. I'm a little late on the Facebook bandwagon, but I suppose I could always update my profile picture to this:

She's undoubtedly beautiful, but that show irks me in the wrong way. Thankfully we're judging on looks alone:)

Hope ya'll are having a lovely Friday night!


  1. i always function better when things are clean and organized, too. :-) way to get a lot done!

  2. I totally had a domestic moment yesterday afternoon - I scrubbed the kitchen counters, microwave, oven and fridge, dusted and vacuumed the living room and couch and also vacuumed my room.

    Too bad the cleanliness will only last until Monday, when all of the animals come back to the apartment. Sigh.

    You do look like Sammi! You also look like a girl I used to swim with, so that's who I always think of when I see your pic on Twitter lol.

  3. I randomly get un the mood to clean (usually when I have a lot of homework to do!) I always take advantage of the cleaning mood though.