Saturday, September 4, 2010

If you're not a Gator,

You're Gator Bait!

Welcome to the Swamp, UM Ohio! Prepare to be crushed:)

Today's events involve time-honored southern traditions: SEC football. The game is a noon game, and I think most of Gainesville usually sleeps later than this during the week!

Football = worth a lack of sleep!

Tail(gatoring) will be involved:

If you're headed to any football games today, I hope you enjoy it and good luck to your teams - unless you're our opponents;)

"God must be a Gator because the sun is orange and the sky is blue."

Go Gators!


  1. rut roh....I go to UGA! I guess that makes us bitter rivals :-P Haha just kidding! I'm definitely not a bitter football fan :D

  2. Even though I'm not a football fan, everyone's college football posts recently are kind of making me wish I went to a big football school!! Hope you enjoyed the game!

  3. oh football season! it makes me miss living in cbus...the buckeye fans definitely make the season spectacular!