Monday, September 20, 2010

Grilled Cheese Dreams

This past weekend had me craving cheese in many forms: queso, Laughing Cow, and cake forms all sounded delicious.

However, none could top the delight a hot, buttery grilled cheese could provide my taste buds. So I did what any normal 20-something woman would do - I Google searched "grilled cheese recipes" and "grilled cheese blogs." My discerning tastebuds wanted something sweet (even though I've been trying hard to cut sugars!) and led me to this sweet grilled cheese: The Quencher.

Just look at that baby!

Fun fact: it's a small world! The creator and blogger behind Grilled Cheese Social is MacKenzie, Clearwater-native-turned-New-Yorker who went to my high school. It's times like these I love the blog world that much more.

And check out The Quencher's beautiful ingredients:

Mmmm, buttah. It was not questioned in the making of this grilled cheese:

Stilton, butter, cranberries. I know ya'll have the butter and cranberry thing down pat (get it? butter down pat? cheesy, I know), but stilton? Luckily I had the folks at The Fresh Market to help me out, but I'll let the Wikipedia wizards educate you on this rich cheese.

Fun fact: "A 2005 survey carried out by the British Cheese Board reported that Stilton cheese seemed to cause unusual dreams when eaten before sleep, with 75% of men and 85% of women experiencing "odd and vivid" dreams after eating a 20-gram serving of the cheese half an hour prior to sleeping." (From the same wiki).

Interestingly enough, I had a unique dream that night as well! Are cheeses known for giving their eaters crazy dreams? Must be cheese karma;)

Have you ever had dreams after eating foods that you think could be attributed to that certain, unique food?

*Photos courtesy of Grilled Cheese Social. My mouth chose to devour instead.


  1. wow that is really crazy! small world and now a small bloggy world!

    now i want to try some of that cheese and see what dreams i have lol. good findin!

  2. cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE!!!!!!!!!! hahaha seriously that ooey gooey needs looks amazing!!!!! i bet a goat cheese sammie would be ridiculously good

  3. That sandwich looks amazing! Cranberries make any sandwich a million times better.

  4. Hey! These sammies look incredible! I know what I will be making this weekend! On the hunt for Stilton cheese though! What does it taste like?

  5. grilled cheese is def one of my fave comfort foods, especially gouda + apples!