Monday, September 6, 2010

Goals a la Lulu

Lululemon Athletica, more commonly known as lululemon, is without a doubt an amazing company. Besides providing the blog community (and the rest of the world;) with fantastic yoga clothes, apparel and free yoga classes, they provide something even better: inspiration.

Not too long ago when I blogged about setting goals for the month of September, I discussed getting a job. I think a lot of us bloggies would be blown away with the opportunity to work for lululemon, and I decided to take a chance and apply with their company.

Lulu's was not a typical application. Besides, name, resume, and all the particulars, I was asked to fill in goals for time periods of my life: for one year, five years and ten years. It caught me off guard, and was a lot to think about. I gave the best answers I could, but the idea of goal-setting resonated with me.

Love the saying "Do one thing every day that scares you."

The company has even been tweeting about the importance of setting goals. This iheartquotes retweet from lululemon caught my eye:

"iheartquotes: "You've got 2 be very careful if u don't know where you're going, because you might not get there." ~ Yogi Berra via @1Luvee #iheartquotes"
I thought about this quote from lunchtime, when I ate a White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Clif bar and a fruit bowl on-the-go from Body Pump to a friend's)

(How many times can I say I could subsist on these forever? I'll keep saying it til they stop tasting so darn good!)

Later on in the day, after my lunchtime pondering and after I had re-tweeted that, Lululemon tweeted me. As a large aside, I always feel special when someone famous or a large brand or company retweets me. I'm still waiting for Bobby Flay or Bethenny Frankel. One day, one tweet at a time.

Regardless of Frankel or Flay, this is the message I got:

lululemon @ExerciseAndEat We have a fantastic event this Wednesday for you, Ask a Goal Coacher! We'd love to see you there

So what are my goals? What will I learn from lululemon's "Ask a Goal Coacher" event? Will it change any goals I currently have?

Stay tuned;)


  1. So cool that you applied at Lulu and that they retweeted you!! I definitely think that will be an interesting event!

  2. Ah that's amazing! Good luck! Tweeting can be so exciting sometimes haha!

  3. I'm planning to attend the Ask A Goal Coacher event too - sounds like it should be great! The iheartquotes quote you mentioned is great - and so true! I finally made my vision board this weekend and am posting it tomorrow. It's inspiring me already! Good luck with your goal setting! :)

  4. haha oh my god when rocco dispirito tweeted back at me i almost had a heart attack! so dorky but true of me :)

  5. I love the idea of doing 1 thing a day that scares you!

  6. good luck with your lulu job! i loved their free yoga classes but found their exercise apparel a bit on the pricey side, especially for a grad student. maybe they'd consider a lower notch (but more affordable) line?! :-)