Monday, September 13, 2010

The Feelings of Full

In my last post, I showed you pictures from my dad's 60th birthday party.

A weekend of eating nothing but passed apps, drinks and cake (of course, birthday cake) got me thinking about feeling full, being stuffed, and foods that are "worth it" and those that are not.

When I eat, I like to load up on 80% "good" foods and 20% unhealthier eats.

I realize it may not be the best mentality to label foods as good as bad, but broken down I basically mean that:

  • Good foods are simple, whole and don't leave me feeling weighed down in correct portion sizes (oatmeal, lean proteins, vegetables, fruit, nut butters, etc.)

Bad foods are what I'd label most of the party treats - Publix cake with thick icing, white chocolate-covered cannolis, and flaky, oily appetizers.

I know I don't eat like this often, but it got me thinking about the feelings I associate with being full and more importantly, how important it is to eat the right foods.

When I eat the foods I like, even if I overindulge, I feel like it's alright, doable, that I'll be fine. When I eat (too much) overly buttery, carby, sugar-laden foods, I feel like garb-age (said with a French accent). I feel best when I eat lighter, healthier foods.

If I'm overly full, I'm tired, irritable and honestly a little unhappy with myself. I feel like I need to go to the gym and work out harder and faster. I usually try to balance out the next meal with some vegetables, less carbs.

My best bet would be that by tomorrow, I'll be back to "normal," but does anyone else feel this way after a weekend of heavy eats? Does you have foods you consider good and bad? How do you combat it?


  1. i feel the same way! if i have a belly full of vegs i'm totally okay with being overly full but if i have a belly full of ice cream cake i feel like a horse haha :) i'm okay with indulging here and there though, i guess it's what makes the world go round ;)

  2. I think the concept of moderation definitely fits here! I know how I feel if I eat too much junk and how I feel if I focus on the veggies. :-) I also want to enjoy more indulgent foods occasionally, and I know I can do this if I eat healthfully most of the time!