Thursday, September 16, 2010

Carb-Free is the Way to Be

Thought that title would catch your eye. While I believe that everyone has the right to choose the appropriate, healthy diet and food choices that fit their lifestyles, I've been researching one diet, in particular: The Atkins Diet.

More specifically, I've looked up:

  • The foods Atkins permit and does not

  • How to apply that to a diet where one would fuel for fitness

  • If I could approach the Atkins diet, and make it last for my fitness and lifestyle choices.

Bye, bye, Carbs (?)

What do you eat for breakfast every morning? If you're anything like me, the woman behind Exercise and Eat, your answer probably sounds similar to "a bowl of oats topped with pb, cereal, fruit, granola" or a combination of all of the above. You're not alone!

Would you be willing to follow the Atkins Diet and substitute that comforting bowl of carbs for sausage, egg whites, and some veggies? If you're one of the strong-willed who answered yes, I have serious admiration for you. Not to mention when lunchtime and dinner roll around, giving up sandwich bread (Thanks, Arnold Bread, for providing me with your lovely Thins thanks to the Healthy Living Summit) or even wild brown rice at dinner.

Not to mention you don't want to be within 500 feet of a carb-free Demartini. Guess it's the Italian in me:)

Fueling for Fitness

Correct me if I'm wrong, but there are carbs on the covers of these fitness cookbooks?

Thought so.

I believe that carbohydrates are an essential component to muscle-rebuilding post-fitness. I don't feel the same amount of lasting energy and fullness from strictly veggies and protein. Carbs round out a meal, and do it very nicely.

Could Exercise and Eat handle the Atkins diet?

While I'm impressed that others have the courage to go through life as carb-free individuals (and lose weight successfully while doing it), I am neither desiring to lose weight or eat meats at every meal - and will pass because of that.

Croissants, pasta, bagels - bring it on!

How do you feel about the possibility of life without carbs? Could you follow the Atkins diet? Do you have any experiences, positive or negative, with Atkins?


  1. I tried the Atkins diet for like a week when I was 18. It wasn't very hard to stick to, but a life without cereal and pizza is not one worth living!

  2. Once upon a time ago, before Atkins came out, and when the beginnings of " no carbs " was a new option for losing weight I tried it. Sure, I made it through, lost about 25lbs in about 3 months or so. Slowly but surely, they all came back because of my obsession of bagels/pizza/buns of any sort/pasta ( kinda hard when you're Italian ) etc. So I tried it again, the no carb regime, and it didn't work at all? How pissed was I?! I don't know the science behind it, if indeed you can only shock your body once like that. But I know I WILL NOT live without carbs, i just try to make the protein/veggie be a greater part of my diet. Kuddo's to the peeps who could do it, but I love my carbs!!

  3. I did the whole egg beaters thing for breakfast for a long while, but it really just didn't cut it.

    I like to wake up and look forward to getting out of bed because I know my signature bowl of oats is just a few short minutes away.

  4. I've never tried the Aktins Diet but I did do the South Beach diet which is kind of a long the same lines. I think the hardest part of a no-carb diet is breakfast. I love cereal and oatmeal, plus dorm living isn't exactly the easiest place to make your own carb free breakfast. Besides no reason to give up the deliciousness of carbs if you're not trying to lose weight!