Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blacklist: The Gym Edition

Gainesville Health and Fitness Center has recently lost the brownie points it once had on my list of favorite gyms I've belonged to.

I've moved around a bit for college and have had the chance to scope out a few besides GHFC: Lifestyle Family Fitness, L.A. Fitness and Bally Total Fitness, to name a few. The Boca Raton L.A. Fitness ranks high on my list regardless of the herds of silicon-infused women parading around the gym, because I came thisclose to Brody Jenner. We did squats next to each other. NBD, he's not really my type.

GHFC is on my blacklist today because they got rid of my favorite machine: the Precor elliptical EFX5.31 trainer.

Perfect for studying (the sole purpose of going to the gym, right?), I used to prop my notebook up on these and go to town while killing two birds with one stone.

Gainesville and its large population of UF students lack the ability to be productive while getting their sweat on: the new machines do not comfortably rest a notebook, folder, or even a Smokin' Notes packet on their dashboards.

However, the new ellipticals do house an iPod connecting cord, which I find extremely offensive as a new Android user.
GHFC, I beg you, bring the old ellipticals back!

Do you have any favorite gym equipment or classes your gym got rid of that you wish you could get back?

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