Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Worth Sweating Over

Happy Hump Day!

Figured I'd give my middle of the week post a bit of a twist. We all love certain things, and this list, in my opinion, is worth the sweat;)

Number One, because he deserves to be. The sexiest celebrity alive, in my opinion: Gerard Butler. He deserves more "yums" than overnight oats. He has no official Twitter (which means he's mysterious) ... wish I could reach him somehow!

Check out those arms! Maybe one day he and I can work out together - hey, a girl can dream!

That is one sexy man.

Kim Kardashian said "ew" when Kris tried setting her up with him on their latest episode. Poorly played, Kim, poorly played. Please send him my way.

Thanks in advance Kimmy:)

Number Two when it comes to sexy men: Bobby Flay. I'll come right out and say, he's a very close second. A man that can cook is muy bueno in my book. Too bad he's taken, but his wifey is gorge.

Her belly must be a very happy one, too... Among other things;)

B Flay, I love you.

If only B Flay could personally cook for me one day. I'll have to make it out to one of his restaurants - and soon!

And now comes a different kind of sweat - more so, a hustle. Hustlin' for cash moneyyyyy, so I can buy this beautiful orange and blue (aka Gator game-day) dress, from Dahlia.

Love, love, love: that BOW!, that it isn't bright, in-your-face royal blue, and it's sexy. I'm on a list to buy it (because there are 1,342,946 girls who want it), but went early enough so I'm the first small:) Yay.

Devilish treats are worth the extra gym sweat too. Enter my favorite restaurant dessert possibly ever, The Cheesecake Factory's Ultimate Red Velvet Cheesecake.

Yummmm! I'm pretty damn sure this is worth any extra sweat sesh, pre or post cheesecake bliss:)

Who or what is worth your sweat?


  1. chocomania icecream (dark chocolate w / chocolate chunks) is worth any workout to me. :-)

  2. i worked for a publicist who used to work with B-Flay. he is not nice to his wife, or many other people for that matter :(

  3. 1. I love Bobby Flay.
    2. That dress is amazing.
    3. That is the best cheesecake. Ever.


  4. An absolute Yes to Butler and Flay and that is a cheesecake that I MUST try!!!...yummy!