Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Sigh of Relief


I passed my microeconomics test with flying colors and am so happy about it! On top of that, I'm graduating in 5 months - a little less than that, actually! I can't wait for the next "stages" of my life:).

No longer will I spend days in Marston with that dreaded text.

Feels good to be able to breathe (and blog) again! I sure have missed E&E lately, and I'm glad to be back - at least for a short while - before leaving for Tampa, Chicago, New Jersey and Georgia next week. Then school starts up again! Whew. Good thing there's no thing I love more than traveling!

No surprise here: I powered my way through micro by fueling up on Clif Bars and Red Bulls:

Yum and yum.

Not to worry, there were plenty of broccoli/hummus combos thrown in there. Pita Pit was consumed post-exam, as it was the closest real food I could get in my hungry belly.

Blogging has made me realize I consume too much of the same thing. If it ain't broke... right? I do love my fair share of ethnic and exotic eats - Indian Food Wednesday, anyone?

I am currently treating myself to Raisinets, one of my favorite dessert-ish snacks. I'm celebrating the end of my summer session later tonight;)

Last but not least, the biggest news of all: A HUGE congratulations to Caitlin for her Today Show segment and bringing Operation Beautiful into this world!


  1. Congrats girl! Ahh I love love love Sugar Free Red Bull haha!

  2. congrats! i barely passed any of my econ classes :) good for you though!

    i love raisinettes too. i havent had any in a long while.

  3. Great job! Congrats! Yummm... I love me some raisinets...Costco sells the ones "on steroid"..they are HUGE!

  4. Oh man, kudos to you for finishing Microecon! I'm TERRIBLE at economics! Also, raisenets are delicious!

  5. Congrats on passing your class! :) 5 months will fly by, trust me!