Sunday, August 29, 2010

Quickie: Giveaway Winner & Some Weekend Eats


Sooooo it's been one of those days where I want to blog about my personal life but can't because the blog and real world lines are very blurred, especially recently, and I don't know what I can say and what I can't. And I'm assuming it's safer to not say than to let it all out. But it's there.

It's tough being a blogger sometimes ... My voice is on mute today!

But this made me happy... a BIG congrats to Eat Move Love, the winner of the ATHENOS Change for the Feta giveaway!

This is the comment she left:

First - this is my first time to your blog (seen your comment on Jenna's) - and can I just say that it's adorable?! Seriously loving the colors here! C'est tres belle :)

2nd - no is there not such a thing as too much cheese - I will remain ignorant to that...;) Sorry, some things I'm better off pretending about.

Okay - now finally! - to the comment: What makes me happiest?

This is a loaded question since I have a negative viewpoint and am working on finding happiness (heavily), so it's very important for me to focus on gratitude and the good in life.

So what makes me happiest? I'll be off the norm and say Seinfeld. Yes, Seinfeld. When I'm feeling low or crappy, watching those characters and the crap George Constanza goes through puts it all in perspective ;)

Sorry for the "novel" here!


Your comment absolutely made me smile today:) Thanks and congrats again! Please send me your address at jdemartuf @ gmail dot com so I can get those goodies sent to ya! Thanks:)

Weekend eats:

A *free* fishbowl from Cantina happy hour shared with two other girls... led to a fun evening which I will probably be repeating next Friday:) I guess this doesn't 100% count as food, but we did have some chips and salsa with it;)!

Oats and PB (with some honey and raisins) after a loooong day working two jobs. Gotta get those carbs in!

Veggie sub and a diet crack at work Sunday.

Theme song of the day - I Pray For You ... and I do;)

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  1. hahahah Diet Crack! I'm so going to use that term from now on