Monday, August 23, 2010


I really wanted to save money post-HLS, Chicago, New Jersey and Georgia. I really did.

Then, I went to Publix. They were having a sale. Excuse the blurriness, all of the cashiers were staring at my 9 a.m. picture-taking sketchiness. I tried to execute this as quickly as possible.

After seeing a sign like that, it was nearly impossible to stick to my pre-determined (and quickly thrown out the window) grocery budget. Especially with all of these new LARABARS at hand. I have zero willpower, and couldn't resist these beauts:

Stocked up on four peanut butter chocolate chips (fav, by far), two chocolate chip cookie doughs and two chocolate chip brownies. Carrot cake was nowhere to be found, but I can't complain.

How could I with this beautiful stash of LARABARS I have in my pantry?


  1. hahahaha i TOTALLY would have done the same thing as you! it's so hard to resist a good foodie sale :)

    and so fun that you had such a great time in the jerzzz

  2. i have yet to see the new larabars, which makes me really sad! hopefully, my grocery will start stocking them soon.

  3. Larabars are heavenly. Hands down the best portable snack ever.

  4. That is fate right there. I just found the cookie dough and carrot cake flavors, but have yet to get the other two...sneaky stores won't carry them all!