Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jersey Eats

After a week of being away, it's good to be home! I just walked in the door from GA, where I spent the day on the water - and you can tell! I'm a bit burnt but can't complain, I'm headed back to school tomorrow and won't have much time for the sun after that, unfortunately.

My vacation recaps are going to be a little out of order - I'm going to start with New Jersey. Let's see where I end up taking ya'll tomorrow!

First things first: I was there visiting my grandpa and grandma, and got to see the rest of the family. While I was there I learned some family secrets:

This is the mushroom my Dad and his siblings painted on the bottom of their pool. My grandma went to great lengths to tell me it wasn't drug-related, but you do the math - the picture was dated 1971.

I spent some time at the Ridgewood Country Club, getting my tan on:

Not a shabby way to spend the day by any means :).
One night, I drove to Hoboken to visit my cousins, Maggie and Susan. We had a gorg meal of lobster, baked potato, beets and spaghetti squash. There was also some gazpacho and bread with olive tapenade. My lobster had green insides, if you were curious. The spaghetti squash was delicious and reminded me of all the great fall foods to come.

Taking photos of the NYC skyline like the tourist I was.

Saw the Cake Boss bakery!!! And the 50-person-deep line, plus the store was full, so I didn't end up getting the chance to go in. It all looked delicious, obviously.

We decided to go to Crumbs instead, where I sketchily took illegal pics.

Kept it simple with "The Good Guy" - a funfetti-like cupcake. Almost went red velvet. Would've chosen carrot cake but it wasn't available. Next time!

Why yes, the inside is filled with icing:)

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  1. i died lolling at that mushroom!!! too funny. love the illegal pics :)

    hope your first week back at school goes well!