Tuesday, August 31, 2010

iPads on Treadmills?

If you squint really hard, you can see all of the UF students lined up outside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, also known as the Swamp.

Why are they lined up? Because it's (almost!) football season!

This is the first time I've "won" the student football ticket lottery in three years, and I'm pretty darn excited.

Snapped a photo of my ticket in class after I got it:

And I'm wearing my complimentary student t-shirt that came along with it. This is feeling like Christmas and I love it. I also put myself on a list for a gorgeous blue & orange dress from a boutique in Gainesville called Dahlia, perfect for game day.
Since school started, I've been struggling with eating at normal times. I'm much more of a Snack Face when school rolls around.
Going against my previous statement, here's a meal from Panera (obvi) that I ate at a work "meeting." I put that in quotation marks because it's really all of us just hanging out.

Fuji apple chicken salad - no onions - there were also scant tomatoes. Not by my choice. I was a little sad about that, but glad I had my whole wheat role to console me.
Also, a diet crack on the side with a lemon.
I've been eating other stuff too, no worries, but it's been semi-boring. Instant oats with scoops of PB, snap peas and hummus, bars, beers. You'll see more pics soon, I promise.
Whyyyy the small photo, Droid? I must investigate. Saw this chick at my apartment complex working out, aka playing on her iPad.

Don't get me, I'm all about technology. Some people have been surprised by this next statement, but I got my HTC Incredible (love, love, loveee) shipped to Chicago so I could have it asap. I picked it up on our Quaker break at the Healthy Living Summit.
But really, do you need an iPad on a treadmill? As a fairly technology-savvy individual, I believe that most people who have iPads probably have an iPod or some sort of other mp3-playing device. Am I wrong? She walked at a moderate pace with no incline most of the time, reading books on Kindle and watching music videos. Is this working out? Where will we bring our technology in the future? Is she using her iPad as a replacement TV? Or is it all too much?!
More importantly, what do you think?


  1. oh my gosh how exciting!!! you're seriously gonna have the time of the century and just in time! can't wait to hear all about it :0

  2. im soooooooo jealous :( miss college and football so much already!!!

    that ipad is nuts! she must get extremely bored or she's extremely nerdy.

    have fun at the game! <3