Thursday, August 5, 2010

Friday Lovin'

Happy Friday!

The end of the week calls for celebration, no? Since it's inappropriate to pop bottles this early in the day (then again, it's always 5 o'clock somewhere), I decided to post things I'm loving lately...

1. There's only one week left til the Healthy Living Summit!

I used to read about these blogger get-togethers, and am SO pumped to have the opportunity to go to one in Chicago! I can't wait to meet the attending bloggers and blog readers!

2. No more micro! 'Nuff said. I will officially be done with school as soon as I submit a take-home exam. I may have celebrated last night, but this weekend will be a good one - my friend Tiffany is graduating!

I can't wait to give her a good Gainesville send-off!

Congrats, lady - I'm going to miss you!

3. This cut out dress from Urban Outfitters. Don't know if I'd have the balls to wear a dress with front cut outs, even though I've rocked some side cut-outs in my lifetime:

That will be determined when I'm doing my final, last ever, wallet-can't-handle-it-anymore HLS shopping in Tampa. Gainesville's stores had some good stuff in them as of late, and I definetly noticed.

Would you wear the front cut out trend?

4. Foodie Friday, Southern style.

Lately I've been craving some deep-fried, down-south home cooking. Fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, corn nuggets dipped in ranch and biscuits. Totally healthy, I know, but this is what my brain and my stomach are telling me, so I should oblige, right?

All covered in Tabasco sauce, obvi. Will keep you posted if this craving is fulfilled. Any central Florida/UF readers know of traditional Southern restaurants?

Maybe I can end my belt-loosening meal with an even more fab dessert? The Cheesecake Factory's Red velvet cheesecake would be the perfect ending to any southern feast.

Can't argue with the whipped cream or white chocolate shavings, either.

What are you loving this Friday? Are you craving anything in particular?


  1. So wish I could be at the HLS! Have a great time!

    Congrats on being done with school soon, too!

    Today, I'm craving everything savory!

  2. Can't wait till HLS!!! If you feel comfortable in that dress, rock it!!