Friday, August 27, 2010

Change for the Feta!

Who doesn't love cheese?

I'm personally a swiss fan myself, but can appreciate them all - I'm an equal opportunity cheese-eater:)

My beloved + carbs = heaven on earth.

No matter which way you slice it, it's delish: Wine and cheese, cheese-y quesadillas with hot sauce, lasagna, french onion soup (don't lie, you know you only order it for the melted gruyere and croutons.) How can you go wrong with cheese?

The answer: you can't.

However, too much cheese isn't exactly fantastic for your waistline, unfortunately. How do you get the best of both worlds - the added taste cheese brings - in a healthy way?

By making a change for the Feta!

After I posted about my love for their HLS Taco Salad Bites (which I will be recreating SOON), ATHENOScontacted me about doing a giveaway for you, the lovely readers of Exercise and Eat. Sound good? Here are the deets:

The lucky giveaway winner will get an amazing Fit and Fresh Salad Pod and a coupon for ATHENOS Feta, and the prize will be directly shipped to the winner.

Here's a fun fact about feta: Feta is a great salad topper with many nutritional benefits. In fact, ATHENOS Feta has 1/3 less fat and 30% fewer calories than cheddar cheese. Plus, ATHENOS Feta packs 6 grams of protein per serving.

Here's how to win!

1. Leave me a comment telling me what makes you the most happy. Food, family, whatever you want!
2. Tweet me @ExerciseandEat about this giveaway to help spread the word!

Here's an even better picture of the Fit and Fresh Salad Pod:

...and of course, ATHENOS feta!

And because this Google picture was too cute to ignore, hopefully this will start your weekend off right with a smile:

Simply added because I thought it was pretty adorable.

Good luck with the giveaway! Can't wait to read your responses:) I'll be picking a winner Sunday night.


  1. mmm, I love cheese too! That pod is so cool. Books make me the most happy :) (along with friends, family, the internet....) So many things, really. Tweeting about your contest now...

  2. Ahh, so many things make me happy. :-) Being with my family and music are probably my top choices!

  3. I'm most happy hanging out with my husband (with some good food and wine as well)! :)

  4. My family makes me the happiest :)

  5. catching up with old friends is wonderful :)

  6. First - this is my first time to your blog (seen your comment on Jenna's) - and can I just say that it's adorable?! Seriously loving the colors here! C'est tres belle :)

    2nd - no is there not such a thing as too much cheese - I will remain ignorant to that...;) Sorry, some things I'm better off pretending about.

    Okay - now finally! - to the comment: What makes me happiest?

    This is a loaded question since I have a negative viewpoint and am working on finding happiness (heavily), so it's very important for me to focus on gratitude and the good in life.

    So what makes me happiest? I'll be off the norm and say Seinfeld. Yes, Seinfeld. When I'm feeling low or crappy, watching those characters and the crap George Constanza goes through puts it all in perspective ;)

    Sorry for the "novel" here!