Friday, August 6, 2010

'Cause you're hot then you're cold...

There's nothing I like more than recieving a package in the mail!

Or rather, missing UPS because I'm celebrating graduations or running the errands I couldn't during finals week and having to make the winding trek to my apartment complex's office to pick up a package:)

Either way, I could barely wait to break into this beauty of a cardboard box. What could it be?!

I felt like a kid at Christmastime - look at that bubble wrap! I bet the pops would be almost too loud to handle! Speaking of, I have some leftover birthday balloons to pop... and/or suck the helium out of. I think I prefer the more childish option;)

Peeking in... what could it be?

iittala Hot Cool glasses from CSN! Thanks, CSN! These glasses are perfect for me!

Perfect for hot or cold beverages, these glasses are perfect for hot or iced coffee (at least that was the first drink I thought over) and other cold beverages - perfect for avoiding holding onto a glass covered in condensation!

Peeking into my fridge... I think I see my first victim for those glasses;) There's nothing like waking up slowly with iced coffee and blog reading!

Have a great Saturday!


  1. Those glasses look so neat- so modern! I can't wait to meet you at HLS!