Monday, August 9, 2010

Banana Bread (Cake)

I know I'm leaving my apartment in two days (Burglars, beware: I'm alarm-protected.) I couldn't possibly eat carbs for every meal (Yeah right, I totally could.) I know I can't stomach all of it myself, (but that's what friends are for, right)?

Despite all rhyme or reason, I felt the urge to bake today. So bake I did. Trader Joe's Banana Bread Mix, specifically:

A birthday gift from my parents from up above the Mason-Dixon line, New Jersey. I will be heading there myself (New Jersey and Trader Joe's) after HLS/Chicago to visit the fam. And maybe Franklin Lakes. Already Google-mapped it and it's only 28 minutes away from my Grandma's.

Back to business- the banana bread. Being the broke-as-a-joke college student I am, I don't have a proper bread-making pan (You know, the baby rectangle shaped kind?), so I put the mix into a cake pan, natch.

Pan shapes did not alter the deliciousness of this banana bread, nor the delightful smell that wafted through my apartment during the baking process.

Peeking, five minutes early:

Let me tell ya, the results did not disappoint. Wish you guys could come over and enjoy a piece with me! It's even better topped with PB (or the nut butter of your choice) and chocolate chips.
Oh yes, I did.
What are your favorite baked goods? Are you more of a baker or a cook?


  1. That looks delicious! Anything purchased at TJ's usually is :)

  2. i've tried that mix before and loved it! of course i added chocolate chips. :)

  3. I loveee cookies and brownies- but I dislike cleaning up after wards.
    Yay for HSL!!!

  4. Trader Joe's is my FAVORITE! My favorite thing to bake: carrot cake cupcakes. I think I am more of a cook though.

  5. HAHA, I went to Wayne (home of Danielle) earlier this summer and thought I was sooo cool :) I'm definitely more of a baker- cakes and cookies are my thing!

  6. banana bread is one of my fave things ever! definitely more of a baker, too.

    have fun at the HLS! I wish I could be there!

  7. never been to a TJ's !!! that's so nice of your parents bringing that :) i love the smell of banana bread cooking mmm

  8. Hey just found your blog and I'm in miami so I was all confused about how you had TJ's for a second!! Hope you are having a great time at HLS, I so wish I had made it this year!!

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  10. i've never tried that TJs mix but always have had my eye on it! I miiight have to pick it up next time :) Plus I bet it would be a perfect summer baked good to bring to a backyard bbq!