Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Outer Space is Neato"


Being fully awake, out of bed and dressed before five a.m. is a rare occurrence in my book. I did just that this morning- it's now 6:15 and I'm already back from the gym! (Crazy, I know. Not much to do in the Swamp before sunrise.)

I may be blissfully unaware of what the "real world" is like due to the fact that I'm still a Gator, but I have serious respect for people who get their butts out of bed every morning when the sun hasn't risen to get in their work outs. I got a text at three a.m. (and no, it wasn't this kind of text;), but after waking someone else up via text (sorry!) and fighting to get back to sleep, I gave up the fight and started my day a little earlier than planned.

The fact that I'm awake may or may not have to do with exam nerves... If you're an economist/businessperson (note the political correct-ness), I am very impressed. My brain does not compute that information well. Such is the reason I've spent countless hours in Marston studying my boot-ay off. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Some memories from my studies over the past week or so:

Century Tower, which was great study motivation. I used to (and still do!) get excited... CT represents UF to me, and the administration building I had to go to right after I got accepted was under it - good memories:)

What was written on the walls of my favorite cubicle- "outer space is neato." Why yes, yes it is.

Caffeine requirements:

and a Nalgene filled with iced coffee. Times two. I know, not the healthiest, but I have to power through lectures and the text somehow and this is it:

Study snackage/eats included a mezze plate, which turned into a mezze spread.

Do you know that Publix doesn't sell tzatziki? Got creative and went to Falafel King, which obvi was much better anyway. It smells glorious inside of FK, like Oman or Egypt... yet they don't sell shawarmas. I'll have to ask if they can whip one up for me next time I go in!

Smushed sub:

Had half at the restaurant, half lata.

Last but not least, or last but MOST importantly, the glorious LARABARS Honoring Health's Christie sent me... I owe ya!

Holy Yum, these bad boys were good. I want more- will have to go on the prowl for 'em this weekend!

Thanks again, Christie!

Off to study and it isn't even 7- have a fantastic day!


  1. I have to find those new flavors!! Yum. Sometimes I really like waking up super early (by accident or with intent) -- I am so much more productive in the morning!

  2. LARABARS!! omg i wish i had those right now! so exciting <3

  3. So jealous you got the new Laras! I've been looking for them EVERYWHERE and have yet to find them. Hope you like!

  4. good luck studying! i really want to try the new larabars, but i haven't seen them anywhere!

  5. Iced coffee 100% got me through college. I know the feeling.

    I want to try the new larabars!

  6. Larry subs! Oh my goodness I haven't had one of those in forever! You are making me miss them now, along with that picture of Century Tower. Missing G-ville!