Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Too Hot to Sweat Outdoors?

When summer temperatures peak above 95 degrees and waking up at 6 a.m. for a 5.0-mile run isn’t your thing, it’s hard for savvy co-eds to find the motivation to move.

Want to stay indoors (and in the air conditioning) but still get your sweat on during your summer break from college?

Thanks to fitness DVDs and on-demand exercise channels, turning your home, apartment or dorm room into a personal gym is easy to do.

First things first: what type of workout are you looking to do, and how will you accomplish it?

My favorite DVDs are hosted by Jillian Michaels, whose name is synonymous with blood, sweat and tears.

Her “No More Trouble Zones” DVD is an hour-long weight lifting session that will keep you sweating the whole way through and won’t make you miss the gym one bit.

If you’re into a more laid-back workout (that’s still effective) try yoga.

Denise Austin’s “Yoga Body Burn” is great to get both the relaxation of yoga but the toning results you’d work for with free weights or on machines at the gym.

When it comes time to work out, make sure to clear some space so you’ll have an adequate workout area.

Make sure you have ample room to do kicks, lunges and punches in without damaging any furniture or valuables.

If you’re going to be wearing sneakers, consider putting a towel down on the floor so you don’t work dirt into your carpet. If you’re home for the summer, your mom will especially appreciate this- I know mine would!

Putting a towel down on your carpet will also prevent you from slipping. You should always make sure to turn the fan on- it will keep you cool and prevent potential slips on wood floors!

Above all, remember to stay hydrated, exercise in moderation and have a great time working out indoors!

Check out the College Lifestyles version: http://collegelifestyles.org/2010/07/feelin%e2%80%99-hot-hot-hot-get-your-workout-in-despite-raging-summer-temperatures/


  1. great tips girl! my fav video is the 30 day shred even though i'm no good at working out at home haha

  2. I love Jillian, my other favorite exercise DVD is Jackie Warner and Tracy Anderson, great post,