Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dips: What's Your Flavor?

I don't know about you, but I love layers of flavor. This afternoon, I broke away from the library long enough (just barely) in order to shop at Publix for a neccessary (sp!) addition to any sub-par or already delicious dishes: dips!

Hummus :

Can you go wrong with Sabra's delicious hummus? I think not. Roasted Garlic is my personal favorite.

Supremely Spicy comes in at a close second.

I like to spread my hummus on wraps and load 'em up with veggies, dip veggies in them as a great snack and eat it post-bar at 3 a.m. on my Pita Pit eats. Not that I do that too often;) Blame it on the fact that Gainesville bars are in prime location: one door shuts, and Pita Pit's opens.

Above all, I could eat hummus all day long on Stacy's pita chips.

To me, the flavors and combinations are endless. Except when it comes to her Cinnamon Sugar chips. Can't see that meshing too well with roasted red pepper hummus.

Guacamole, Salsa, Sour Cream/Plain Yogurt :

Guacamole, I love you... I can't think of many places I wouldn't spread (dirty) this healthy tasting healthy fat. Veggies, wraps/sandwiches, mixed in with rice, layered with the others.

My stomach basically chose to group the three together because as I type this, its nostrils (yes, the nostrils located in my stomach) are only focused on the lime chicken tacos I have cooking approximately 7.68 ft away from me. I expect I'll sub out the taco shells for some brown rice on the side.

I will top this baby with guac, salsa and sour cream. I just can't bring myself to make the complete switch to plain yogurt after a childhood consisting of Breakstone's sour cream.

Some things may never change. This is applicable advice to both sour cream and men.

My body is even angled towards my dinner... I'm so ready to chow down!

Peanut/Almond/Nut Butters :

First of all, Google nut butter and look at the fifth picture on the first row, if you're over the age of 18. Haha or holy shit?

I digress.

Another healthy fat like guacamole, nut butters are a delicious and nutritious way to stay healthy, especially healthy looking. The protein and healthy fats are very, very good for our hair, skin and nails.

I have seen a noticeable change since I've added guacamole, hummus and nut butters into my diet.

No longer do we have to limit our dippage and spreadage to traditional creamy PB, we can think outside of the box: almond, chunky, chocolate. There are seemingly endless choices to the world of nut butters we have (almost) all come to love.


What are your favorite dips? Any fantastic combinations I have to add to my food bucket list? Anything you can't live without?


  1. Mmm, I looooove me some hummus! I love three pepper blend the best. My least favorite is artichoke garlic - ew, weird aftertaste. I love mixing salad dressing mixes into plain, nonfat yogurt for veggie dips.

    I can't live without White Chocolate Wonderland PB. I can't believe I waited so long to try it.

  2. LOVEEEE HUMMUS!! prob my fav condiment EVER :) yumm!!! I love PB and AB too.. def could NOT ever live without those babies!!
    LOVE mixing salsa and guac and greek yog together too!!!

  3. omg i just died lolling at that picture on Google!!!!! I can't believe that's up there. Stacys Pita chips are so addicting mmm. Ketchup or honey mustard are my fave thing to dip things in

  4. I think hummus is a food group, haha. I LOVE tj's layered should try it!

  5. I love my "brocamole" its on my website somewhere. Its basically a broccoli/avocado dip thats utterly addictive and good on everything from burgers to tacos to plain with a spoon! I make a really yummy black olive hummus too.
    I don't think I could live without avocado, turkey, and chocolate! random things but I love them!

  6. seriously stacy's and hummus is like the peanut butter and jelly combo of the Mediterranean world!

    i think my favorite hummus is definitely tribe! i do love cedars too though..

    i agree hummus and pb are SUCH delicious and nutritious healthy fats!

  7. Mmm, hummus is the best. Does Sabra still make the Pine Nut one? I haven't seen it in a while but it used to be my favorite!

  8. Definitely love garlic hummus! I made a maple mixed nut and seed butter the other day that it mighty tasty. I would say that good ol fashion peanut butter is the best though!

  9. Yep, I'm on the hummus train! Cedar's artichoke spinach is my fave and I eat it on egg whites, sandwiches, on veggies, and used it in my puff pastry with chicken. Spread a 1/4 of a puff pastry with hummus. Top with 3oz chicken breast (browned in a pan first). Draw up the sides of the pastry around the chicken and seal. Bake until pastry is puffy and golden. YUM!

  10. All fabulous dips! My daughter loves all of those too. She is in this phase where every food MUST have dip. I rely on these things daily.

  11. That by far is one of my favorite DIPS!!! Love the blog, glad I found it!

  12. I love the fatty dips - cream cheese, sour cream, spicy sausage dip, etc. But...Guac, hummus, salsa rank high too! I could eat chips/crackers/veggies and dip at every meal!

  13. I used to hate hummus, but since I've been making my own, it's definitely grown on me! Roasted red pepper dip is another favourite. Your nut butter pictures are giving me a mad craving right now!

  14. Last night the BF and I demolished an entire bag of TJ's pita chips and a container of their cilantro-jalepeno hummus. If you love hummus, definitely try it!