Tuesday, July 27, 2010

22, so far

Well, hello bloggies and wonderful readers!

Hope ya'll are doing fabulous- it's my 22nd today! Believe it or not, I'm not feeling the effects of my old age just yet;)

Most people see birthdays as a time to indulgence, and I probably will tonight, but I decided to treat myself and my body well for the most part- at least for the morning.

I got up early and took a spin class at Gainesville Health and Fitness, and by early I mean early- for me at least- it was a 7:30 a.m. class! I felt awesome when I left, the sun was rising and 'twas the beginning a lovely way to start my birthday.

Then I trekked over to Jamba Juice for a smoothie, courtesy of gift card.

Like spinning, my mango smoothie was another fantastic choice to keep my birthday headed in the right direction.

My 22nd, spinning and my smoothie came together in unison, allowing me to be much more bright and chipper at 9 a.m. than usual. Especially since I hadn't had any caffeine at the time.

Shocking, I know, since you may know that I have quite an addiction to it.

Jamba Juice could only be topped by coming home to these, which put the biggest, girlist smile (ever) on my face:

I loved my beautiful birthday roses! If you're reading, thanks again:)

For now, it's back to business - aka using my dining room furniture as desk space. I'd like to thank the economics and birthday gods for working together and allowing me an easy lecture today.

I required less snackage than I have previously:

Sorry about that unplated pita, mom! Long nights of exam studying gives me an excuse though... right? I cleaned my dining room table after - promise!

Tonight, the real fun begins! I'm headed to the Swamp, a Gainesville landmark.

I foresee a Title Town in my near future...


  1. Happy Birthday! oh and 22---not old at all! ;)

  2. happy birthday! and those roses are gorgeous.

  3. Happy birthday love!! Have a wonderful time celebrating tonight- go crazy :)

  4. Happy bithday!!!

    Dana xo

  5. happy birthday! hope you don't have to study too hard on your special day. :-)

  6. Happy birthday! Smoothies are definitely a good way to celebrate! (: