Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Squash and McDonald's

Good evening, bloggies and readers- I hope you had a fantastic Monday:)

Mine started with a 7 a.m. drive to Gainesville from Tampa after a night of 4.5 hours of sleep. Believe it or not, I got four the night before (rhyme) too.

5-hour Energy to the rescue! This little guy got me on the road, through class (Human Sexuality and Culture... it's gonna be an interesting semester) and back home in time to nap.

Only joking, I went to the gym instead in order to get some more energy after those five hours passed and I began to drag.

I also relied on the help of Red Bull this weekend to give me wings. Sometimes you just need a boost!

Over the break, I found myself at Apple perusing the iPad. I may or may not have linked my blog to a couple of their home screens.

Pretty, as well as pretty expensive. My hands didn't exactly reach across the keyboard, which was a con. Made me wonder what the average size hand was and if Apple produces its new technologies for a certain size.

Apple is just like the fashion world!

I also wonder what Steve Jobs would say in regard to my hand dilemma, after he explained, aka talked down, to us about how to use the iPhone 4.

Some eats:

Random grilled summer squash and salsa snack, which I ate Indian-style on the couch watching Twilight.

This dish was much better than Kristen Stewart's acting skills. Harsh, but true.

McDonald's was consumed on the way to Gainesville. I had Chicken Selects and the Fruit and Walnut Salad.

Washed down with more caffiene in the form of a Diet Coke. Again, eating while Indian style.

The reason behind the trip to Gainesville:

I now have a 52-incher. (Does a TWSS joke apply here?) I'm so mature. Maybe it's due to the sleepiness factor, but I'll be staying awake for #fitblog and RHONJ.

In other fun news, I'm going to the Aerosmith concert in August! And I'm debating making an appearance at the Healthy Living Summit.

Do you have any fun summer plans? Are you going to the Healthy Living Summit?


  1. LOL! I love that you linked your blog to the Apple iPads! So funny I should do that!

    My fun summer plans include going to Kauai! I am way too excited. I wish I could go to the Healthy Living Summit.

  2. Hahaha you linked your blog on the iPad - that's actually a legit idea, amazing. I love McD's fruit and walnut salad when I'm on the go and McD's is ALL over the place - so convenient, and the walnuts are to die for. I WISH I could go to the HLS!

  3. Wow, Aerosmith??? Nice! :)

  4. i am craving mcdonald's now! the power of those M's!