Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lookin' Hot While Breaking a Sweat!

Tired of wearing the same old boring t-shirts and cheerleading shorts to the gym?

So was I, til I realized dressing for the gym could be just as much fun as breaking a sweat! College co-eds should always try to look their best, and I have a budget-friendly way to do just that!

Forever 21 is a savvy, stylish clothing store that has recently expanded their activewear line. They sell knock-off Victoria’s Secret yoga pants, Champion sports bras and Goody headbands.

The best part? Everything sells at a fraction of the cost!

Here’s one of my favorite gym outfits from Forever 21:

This blue and black tank top comes with a built-in sports bra, and is lined with mesh for breathability when you’re pumping iron or throwing punches in kickboxing.

Priced at $17.80, the tank top costs about $1o to $15 less than more popular athletic brands, but retains the same style and functionality.

What’s another great summertime workout staple to have hanging in your closet? A pair of cropped yoga pants!

These black- and white-striped pants pair well with the tank top for a trip to the gym or a run, but aren’t overkill in the summer heat.

At $10.80, it’s hard not to love these yoga pants. You’ll be saving about $20 by purchasing these at Forever 21.

Are you thinking about how to keep your hair intact while sweating?

I’ve got you covered!

This headband is a play on Goody’s, and will keep you looking stylish and put-together, all for the low price of $3.80!

Enjoy your new workout clothes and your next sweat session!


  1. i did not know Forever 21 was selling athletics wear. good info to know.

  2. I heard about Forever 21's new line but haven't had time to check it out yet. Looks like they have some cute stuff!

  3. love it! forever 21 is so cheap and has good stuff. same for marshalls and ross. even old navy sometimes! i can always get great workout clothes instead of always wearing old t-shirts..though i do that quite often anyways because i'm lazy and they're the easiest thing to find in my closet :p

  4. oo SO CUTE!!! Im so glad to hear that about forever 21.. thats DEF one of my FAV STORES!! I love it!

  5. forever 21 to the rescue! always!

  6. love the headband! i need to chick their stuff out.

  7. I can't believe you found those at F21! I loove that blue top. I need to check out their new stuff!!

  8. I need to check F21 out again! I need some new clothes and gym clothes. Thanks for the tip girl! :)

  9. Thanks for the tip - I never thought to check out F21 for workout clothes but I love everything you posted!

  10. I noticed F21 started carrying workout clothes but wasn't sure about the quality. The athletic line is super cute, though!

  11. LOL I am standing here in my mismatched running outfit as I read this cute post :)