Thursday, June 10, 2010


Wow. It feels as if I've been gone forever... and I pretty much have. Let me explain...

If you read back a couple of posts, you'll see that I've been heading south to Tampa for the past couple of weekends. This is because my grandpa has been in Hospice (and out of it- he got kicked out once!) and I wanted to visit with him.

Luckily I made so many trips because he passed last Friday. This past weekend was filled with family and services to honor him.

I'll miss you, PopPop.

And thanks to you for support and patience while I took time off from Exercise and Eat. Twitter got left in the dust, too.

I'm back now!

When I was driving home to Gainesville, I tried to take an iPhone snapshot from my car. This field is so close to my house, and filled with over 100 cows, which you can't really see.

I miss the days of living on the beach.

Right before I left, I ate a great Italian buffet in Ybor, then headed to Gainesville for my Italian dessert fest.

We got black tie cheesecake (unpictured), white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, zeppoli and tiramisu.
I ordered the tiramisu, so I got first dibs/bites... Yum!

The zeppoli were to die for, too!

After passing out, I woke up bright and early for editing lab, with a side of venti iced coffee and biscotti.

Have you had to deal with the loss of a loved one lately? How have you dealt with it?


  1. Aww, I'm sorry about your grandfather. I'll keep your family in my thoughts.
    I can't say it gets easier; June 3rd this year was the 3rd anniversary of my grandfather passing. But one of my biggest fears was that I'd forget about him and lose touch and it's a little comforting that I can still remember so much about him to this day.

  2. im so sorry about your gpa :( im here for you girly if you need ANYTHING! just let me know seriously.

    when my grandma died, it was the absolute hardest time ever for me. My mom, gma and i were best friends and inseparable.. i couldnt even attend her funeral service bc i couldnt stop crying in the parking lot. :(

    It definitely takes time, focus on the fun memories and talk about them with your family! it makes it a little easier to cope with when you focus on the good times <3

  3. I'm so sorry about your grandpa, but I'm glad you were able to be with your family last week! I'm lucky to have never lost a close family member, so I have no idea how I would deal with it...I tend to try to laugh to hide my sadness - it's kind of a weird way to deal, I suppose. I hope you and your family are doing well during this time.

    Also, I received the Silk coupons...I used one today - thanks again!

  4. I am so sorry about your grandpa...I am glad you were able to be with your family! My thoughts are with you! :)

  5. So sorry to hear of your grandfather's death but glad you could spend time with him and family before he passed.

    My grandpa died 2 years ago from cancer, and it was really hard to be in Cali (where he lived) and not have him there.

  6. Aw love, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather. Keeping you and your family in my prayers! I haven't lost a loved one since my grandfather when I was five...I hope I don't lose anyone for a long time. Big hugs girl!

  7. I am so sorry for your loss girlie :( I am so glad you got to get so many visits in before he passed, I am sure that meant the world to him!!