Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why Exercise?

(Bet y'all know that picture!)

Why bother with exercise? Reputable news sources like Time Magazine and the New York Times have claimed - and backed up - arguments that exercise is less influential to weight loss than simply taking in less calories than you burn (which can approximately be found here.)

If it's that simple, why even bother, right? WRONG!

Exercise has so many benefits- honestly, for me it's mostly about being toned as my 21 years of age have (luckily) yet to give me many health setbacks, besides minor skin cancer scares. Thank you, Jenny, for going to the tanning bed every. single. day. during the last two years of high school. Hopefully I don't have leatherface syndrome.
(I don't have the $moo-lah$ to get H-sized boobs like Heidi Montag, and don't know if I'd ever want to!)

But seriously, down the line, exercise is going to prevent so many things. Some of these include: diabetes, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, depression and anxiety (Amen to that last fact, I'm a stressball without kickboxing and good, long runs!)

Of course, healthy eating is important, too! I love to load up on veggies, Clif bars, get my protein on (in meat form, every once in a while;) and I have a killer sweet tooth! I'll admit, exercise gets me feeling back on track too after I mindlessly snack on Starbursts the entire drive from Tampa to Gainesville... not that I've ever done that;)

So tell me, if exercise "doesn't really matter" in the long run, why do you do it? To prevent illness, anxiety or to just plain old look hot?


  1. I love exercise because I'm so much happier and have so much more energy!

  2. I exercise because I LIKE to!! It makes me a happier and stronger person. And yes, even if diet plays a bigger role in weight than exercise, it definitely helps me feel less guilty about indulging!

  3. It's really refreshing to hear someone at the age of 21 looking ahead. I know that at 21 I routinely went out and ordered The Giant Burger and Fries (seriously, every Friday for lunch!)Now that I'm in my 40's I can't do that and still look okay in my jeans. More importantly, I want to enjoy my life as I age. I always find it really sad to see someone who is only in their 50's or 60's struggling.

  4. I think exercise is very important... it lifts your mood by giving you endorphins, it clears your mind, it lets you escape from your commitments for awhile, it tones you up...

    sure i think 80% is nutrition but i am going to exercise for that other 20% of my body... you know it

  5. Running is my release. I feel so much better both physically and mentally after a good run!

  6. I've found that exercise makes me feel better. But only when I do it in moderation and not to the extreme.
    My issue has been trying to find an exercise program that I can stick with. I'm giving running a shot and hopfully it will work out for me.

  7. Exercising releases my stress and always improves my mood, makes me feel better about myself, and it inspires me to eat healthier because it's hard to work out when all you've been eating is junk food.

    The side benefit of looking hott isn't too bad either!

  8. Great post! I exercise because it makes me feel good, I enjoy it, and it makes me feel good about myself knowing I am healthy and look great! :)

  9. Definitely saw this article a while back. I think that there's so much more to exercise than the calorie piece. I need it for stress relief!

  10. I think exercise is VERY important. I love how it makes me feel and look and hopefully help me into my old age ;)

  11. There's only ONE PINK STARBURST in that picture!! :)

    For me, exercise really helps with anxiety and stress and helps me sleep better at night. Couldn't live without it!