Thursday, May 27, 2010

What do you say to Taking Chances?

"What do you say to taking chances?

What do you say to jumping off the edge?

Never knowing if there's solid ground below,

Or a hand to hold, or hell to pay... What do you say?"

That song, Taking Chances, by Lea Michele of Glee, feels like my theme song right now. I'm really loving trying new things and meeting new people! Sometimes it's good to break old habits!

Side note- when I went to type break, I accidentally typed bread... oops:)

I hope you all are having an awesome and safe Memorial Day weekend! I worked my butt off before it started so I could play a bit before heading back to Gainesville for school. Expect more pictures of eats in the Escape. Sometimes I feel like that should be the theme of my blog, but hey, I'm having a good time... can't complain!

I had some HFCS-filled yogurt during my three-hour long editing lab... It was meant to taste Cinnabon-ish I think, and actually did a pretty good job at that & holding me over til lunch time.

Eating Cool Whip and frozen mango while reading KERF:

This is a great summer treat!

Iced coffee the size of my head to power me through all of this homework!

That box in the background is filled with Charmin Ultra. No joke! Because it's totally normal to have boxes full of toilet paper chilling in your apartment.

I tried to make a Panera-esque salad (which I tweeted about!) which consisted of tuna, a little mayo, apples and grapes on a bed of spinach.

I'll leave Panera to do what they do best.

And another yogurt (can you say Publix sales?) on a textbook plate before heading home.

What are your favorite songs lately?
Hope you have a fun, safe Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. i love anything Lea Michele sings...but I hear ya on that song! Its my power song on my runs :)

    Have a great weekend :)

  2. mm i love mango and cool whip too! haven't tried them together yet though.. good idea chica.

    My fave songs are Rain is a Good Thing by Luke Bryan and Little Big Town has some new good songs out too!

  3. Find Your Love by Drake!!! It is the 2010 summer song FOR SURE! But no worries that I feel you on the GLEE love... Don't Rain on My Parade is my TUNE lately!

  4. I love that song! I didn't see the Glee version of it, but the Celine Dion version is one of those songs I belt out to when I'm driving alone :) That cool whip/mango combo looks delish, coolwhip in general always reminds me of summer!!

  5. I haven't heard that song! I need to check it out for sure. My favorite right now is "I'll Pray For You" it's a country song, but it's hilarious! LOL. That cool whip treat looks delish! Totally perfect for summer.

  6. have a great holiday weekend! i've only got two days, but they're going to be wonderful rest days!

  7. What did you think of the Cinnamon Bun yogurt? You liked it? Several other Yoplait Light flavors that I have tried -- Boston Cream Pie and Red Velvet Cake -- I thought were pretty good (esp. the latter of the two), but this one just didn't do it for me. Perhaps it was the "thickness " of it. I don't know. I love yogurt; have it almost everyday with my lunch, but I will probably leave this one at the grocery store.

    Always looking to talk food with others. Just looking to get your thoughts...