Saturday, May 15, 2010

Venti: From Gainesville to Tampa and Back Again

Since summer classes and my internship started last Monday, I have been a busy girl!

I'm taking my senior capstone course this semester, Advanced Editing. I got lucky with scheduling, because if the course wasn't available this summer I would have had to stay in college one more semester!

Instead, I get to re-cultivate my love for AP style:

I usually do so while downing venti iced coffees from Starbucks. I like a lil' sugar-free caramel syrup in the mix, but it's a bit sweet for 9 a.m.

Getting my caffeine buzz on while becoming a grammar enthusiast:

After I got home from class, I was in desperate need of two things: a shower and some snackage.

I decided to combine the two:

Nothing goes better with blowdrying your hair than broccoli and honey mustard, right?
A hawk also decided to appear on the fence outside my apartment. I decided it could mean an omen or that there is a large amount of field mice in the area. I consulted the experts to discover what the appearance of a hawk really means.

That little (ferocious-looking) guy can be found above the left air conditioner. He had some fierce-looking eyes.
Since it's summer and all, I decided to take a trip down to Tampa to visit the fam and to have a change of scenery from The Swamp.

Another Venti, this time with the syrup and fruit on the side. The peaches in Starbuck's new fruit cups are mind-blowing. It only came with two, which was slightly disappointing, but they were the stars of the cup!

Those babies were hidden underneath the grapes. The kiwis were also delicious, but were sans skin, which I dearly missed. I love that added crunch.

What are your favorite driving snacks? Do you find you need coffee or caffeine to keep yourself awake on the road?


  1. oh yum that fruit cup does look really good! iced coffee is the best everrr mmm. nothin beats it. Have u tried McD's Mcafe Iced Lattes? I'm hooked on em! they're really cheap too

  2. yummmm! I love fruit cups. Everyone thinks I am crazy when I tell them that you can eat the skin on the kiwi, but I like it better on there too

  3. I'm a total English nerd, so that class sounds like a my of fun to me! Fruit is my favorite driving food as well, and I desperaty need caffeine while driving any more than 20 min lol.

  4. Like a lot fun. I really need to proof read when commenting on my iPhone lol

  5. Another journalist! Isn't it crazy that the AP comes out with a new copy every year? Why can't they save us money and stop changing their minds!? By the way, you'd probably appreciate @FakeAPStylebook on Twitter. It's hilarious! Have a great night!

  6. I was just look at Gainesville....we arein FL for a month this summer and DH is doing cave diving in Crystal River so thinking of staying in Gainesville for a bit but decided against it.....staying closer to Mickey ;)
    I always bring nuts in tje car to snack on and granola bars. The fruit cup looks delicious and yes I usually need coffee or tea when driving long hours. We ae driving to FL this summer....20 hour drive = lots of caffeine...LOL

  7. syrup on the side?! I didn't know that was an option at starbucks... crazy!

    what a healthy snack idea for your road trip! go you!

  8. I always multi-task when Im doing my hair. Otherwise its such a zap of my time!

  9. I totally rely on coffee for long driving trips. But can you believe I've never had a Venti before?? Grande is the biggest I've tried!