Sunday, May 23, 2010

Silk-ay Weekend

It feels like it's been so long- and it has been- I last posted Wednesday! It has been a whirlwind of a weekend- traveling home, trips to Hospice for my Grandpa (here's hoping you never have to go through that!), hanging out with friends, homework (note how that's last, even though some may consider it muy importante). Oops!

However, I did the damn thang as SnackFace suggested on her vlog- thanks for the advice, beautiful!

Upon arrival to reality, aka Gainesville, I hit up Publix because I was in desperate need of non-pantry items. I stocked up on some watermelon, yogurt, frozen mango (finally!) and cool whip, which was obviously the most neccessary purchase.

Thanks to Silk's sampling campaign, I was able to pick up their original- and vanilla-flavored Pure Almond Milks. Thanks for the coupons, Silk!

Usually, I tend to pick up Blue Diamond's Almond Breeze, but lately I've been more than ready to try something new- and this didn't disappoint!

I had a glass of the original flavor of Silk's Pure Almond milk with some broc and Sabra's roasted garlic hummus while writing a paper earlier- protein is great brain food!

The original flavor tasted great, but if you're looking for a milk-y taste, this isn't for you. There was a bold, nutty taste to the almond milk, but if that's your thing, I would highly reccommend (sp? there are certain words I just can't master!) this for your basic milk needs, whatever those may be.

On to the next, and in my opinion, my favorite of the two flavors, Silk's vanilla-flavored almond milk. The b-o-m-b.

You can even see that watermelon and veg in the background, most of which was eaten shortly after almond milk had its photo session.

I saved the vanilla for later (as it seemed more of a dessert flavor;) to create what would be a foodgasmic OIAJ. The oats were instant, lower sugar, apples and cinnamon from good ol' Quaker.

The nuttiness of the original flavor was retained, but I loved the extra layer of vanilla flavoring. It was a bit sweet, but a perfect Sunday night dinner addition, to be consumed while doing all of the homework I put off the rest of the weekend.

Holy yum! This baby was creamy.

As for the rest of the weekend, it was spent with my best friend Steph. She's a FSU Seminole, but being the mature adult I am, I've forgiven her for that;) Love her! She's created a monster by introducing me to South Tampa...

Other fantastic foodie moments of the weekend: Ahi tuna tacos with mango and avocado, unfortunately there's no photo because the room was pitch black; a Publix Greenwise cookie, which was two cookies with chocolate frosting and icing... mmmmm; and wheatgrass shots!
Any good foodie moments this weekend? Hope you guys are having a great night! Any Lost watchers out there?


  1. I keep seeing Silk almond milk but always stick to my faithful almond breeze...need to try something new! Your hair is absolutely long and healthy looking! Blue is a gorgeous color on you, by the way :) Hope you have a wonderful Monday love!!

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    Anna Katrina
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  3. I am sorry to hear about your grandpa! :( But on a happier note it sounds like a delicious weekend!