Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No Sugar, No Problem

Lately, you guys have been seeing tons of crap up here. Or maybe the deal is I've been eating a lot of crap (and maybe imbibing in a drink or two too many) and only posting a couple of my sweet treats.

Namely, my favorite candy, the Starburst. I blame it on the amount of driving I've done lately. Excuses, excuses.

Um, seriously, can you imagine eating a 54-ounce bag of those babies? I'm sure one person can't do it, at least not consecutively all in one night, but I'm thinking in terms of single ladies. Guys, on the other hand, could probably do it. Then again, they'd probably want to live up their foodie dreams by shoveling meat into their mouths. (TWSS)

In decided to cut back on my sugar intake, because I've been feeling a difference. You know when you're eating clean, energizing foods most of the time? You can for sure feel a difference when your body realizes you aren't anymore, and it's caught up with me.

My energy has been down, and I don't like it.

I suppose the whole tea thing really doesn't count (it's a little to hot in FL for hot tea right now,) but the whole no sugar thang is still workin' in this pic.

Some of the Googled "no sugar" pics are strange, but I guess that's the way it works. Got some Jessica Alba, some protein powder, some topless men. Then again, I posted a picture of a cat, so who am I to judge what's weird and what isn't?

In my whole less-sugar, more "real-people" meals idea, I made Mexican rice and beans last night with loads of veggies in there, topped with a lil' sour cream and guac.

Ignore the terrible lighting and what the guac looks like in the shot, because it creeps me out quite a bit. Was a good dinner, though! Nice and spicy, just the way I like it.

Hung out on my couch for a little bit today to get some work done (because obviously people are most productive on their couches:) And ate some broccoli and carrot mix with organic honey dijon for dipping purposes.

Screen shot of the important work... um, procrastination, that was taking place: Gilmore Girls. Are you surprised? Probably not.

Put my hand into the grab bag of veggies and pulled out this monster of a broccoli (head? stalk?) that literally needed to be broken apart to be eaten.

Yum. Cheers to healthy food!

I am off to do some more work - and not just watch online TV this time around! I can feel the weekend nearing tomorrow, and I'm headed to Tampa to hang out with family and friends!
I hope your hump day went well and you're well on your way to the weekend!


  1. woot woot for the weekend! i think im gonna join you on the whole more "real people" meals thing. My eating has been out of whack!

  2. I LOVE Gilmore Girls - it's one of those series that I can watch over and over again, and it's perfect to have on in the background :)

  3. I need to start eating more well rounded meals. I have been wayyyy too snacky lately, especially sugary foods snacky. No good!

    That photo of Tampa makes me want to be somewhere near an ocean. I suppose a lake will do, though!

  4. I need to cut back on my sugar intake too...lately my pre-bed snacking has been out of control, which makes it difficult to fall asleep!

    Love Gilmore Girls, I've been watching every day at 11!! Hope you have a wonderful day love!!

  5. I need to cut back on my sugar intake! I just found your blog and I am absolutely loving it!


  6. I cut back on my sugar intake too. I replaced my morning coffee with a protein shake and I have SO much more energy. Good luck!

  7. Have fun in Tampa! I think its great that you are cutting back on the sugar (I need to do the same). The more you read articles about what it does to your body, the scarier it is!

  8. ah, i miss gilmore girls! i need to start watching reruns again!

    have fun in tampa!

    i miss starbursts! it's been a long time since i've had them!

  9. AHH i watched gilmore girls the other day while i was working out.. I loved it! its SO witty!!!

    have fun in tampa girl!

  10. Mmmm...Starburst! My weakness is Sprees.