Monday, May 24, 2010

Gifts and Budgets

Guess what I got in the mail today?

Still need another guess?

That's right, I got a slow cooker! Thanks to one of Melinda's giveaways, I now have a 6-quart slow cooker! I'm so excited- I want to have a bar night at my house and make Swedish meatballs, watch football and chow down on chili, and have the residents in my apartment complex love me when I prepare Indian food!

What are your favorite recipes to prepare in a slow cooker? Thanks again, Melinda!

And now, for the "budget" portion of the evening: red beans and rice- the side dish to last many evenings (hopefully) into the future. I've been spending lots of money on fun things lately... you know, going out, dresses, etc., and am making amends this week (before I spend a ridic amount of moo-lah Memorial Day weekend).

However, you can't go wrong with New Orleans-style food, and I love the spiciness of Zatarain's jambalaya rice mix!

I've gotta admit, the mix never looks great in the package...

But it sure came out delicious!

I know this is going to be great with some veg on the side, as most meals are!
How do you budget? What areas do you cut back on if you have the occasional splurge?


  1. yum yum that looks good! and now u have me craving chili btw ;)

    i just started using to budget.. it's pretty cool! it makes u an instant monthly budget based off of your savings/checking account, loans, car, etc.

  2. Slow cookers are the bomb! and jambalaya is my FAVORITE dish, no question. enjoy!

  3. Yayyy! I love my slow cooker! My favorite thing to make is BBQ pulled pork.. yumm! :)

  4. Swedish Meatballs!! it's been soooo long. om-nom-nom. Lucky you.

  5. That's so exciting! And I use coupons a lot so I can save a little money and buy my precious jars of (pricy!) almond butter :)

  6. Yay for free stuff! I have to say, I'm horrible at food budgeting...produce and Ezekiel bread doesn't come cheap! That being said, I try to compensate by not spending as much on other things. Eating well means a lot to me, even if it means less shoe shopping!

  7. Slow Cookers are the BEST!!!! Love them!!! I splurge on kombucha...I drink one every day! :)

  8. I need to get a slow cooker! I can't wait to see all the recipes you come up with--hopefully that will motivate me to go to Target and get one!

    Speaking of splurges...I love buying cookbooks, workout DVD's and magazine subscriptions. If anything I'll cut back on weekday happy hours. :)

  9. I love crockpots! I make shredded chicken, pork or beef. Refried beans are great too! I soak them in the crockpot overnight, cook the next day and mash when they are done. Love it!

  10. I cut back by eating oats and nut butter when I can. The more basic the ingredients, the cheaper a meal usually is. Potatos and olive oil are cheap meal makers. And even grass-fed ground beef only works out to be less than $2 a burger!

  11. can't wait to see the outcome of your first trial
    I like that the box says "stay or go"

  12. So happy that you like your slow cooker- can't wait to see what you cook up!