Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Food Lovin'

Happy Wednesday, guys (and gals)! Aren't you glad the hump day is over?

Lately I've been feelin' the aches and pains of being a college student - also known as learning that retail therapy doesn't mesh well with my love for Clif bars and organic vegetables... To put it politely, I need to find more of a balance.

Maybe my yogini friends can help me obtain that? And then we can practice together in my new Vicky's yoga pants and top... oops!

I figured that since Wednesday T.V. always seems to err on the side of crappy, I'd post something that I love: good eats. Let's get crackin'!
First things first: the classic. Whole Foods hot bar (and salad bar!), how I love thee. I cannot wait til we reunite in Tampa... soon, so soon.
What are your favorite Whole Foods eats- hot/cold bar, ready-made or otherwise?
Mmm, curry of any and all kinds is such a close contender. True love occurs when you can find curry as an option on the WF hot bar, and you often can.
I can almost smell how good this picture would taste. Because yes, my senses are just that well-refied.
Moving on to another guilty pleasure of mine... This is why you're fat. This is by far one of the best recipes I've seen yet, and I would gladly loosen my belt buckle to chomp down on these lucious 'cakes:

The Breakfast Cook's submission blew my mind. Not only is that an extremely foodgasmic picture, but I dare you to read the description without a little drool-age:
Red velvet pancakes served with whipped cream cheese and butter pecan syrup.
To die for, for sure! Do ya'll read TIWYF? I find some of the meatier submissions nast-ay, but to each his own food love!
And finally, tzatziki, a recent craving.

What does tzatziki go well with besides pita and cukes? Olives and other veggies? I feel like having a Meditteranean feast sometime soon... a lil' dinner party may be on the horizon.

In other Exercise and Eat news, I am well on my way through Patti Stanger's glorious book, Become Your Own Matchmaker. The advice Stanger gives sharp, dead-on and unforgiving of men who don't treat women with respect. In other words, I love it.
Stanger seems like a miracle worker, but do you think she's good enough to work this into my life? I'd probably have to be a billionaire to make this kind of magic happen:

What are your current dream food/cravings? Any good ideas for me?:)
Enjoy your hump day evenings!


  1. haha this is why you are fat... i love some of those creations on that website seriously.

    i wish i had more moolah too so i could go on a massive shopping spree.. oh that would be nice

  2. TIWYF is absolute food porn, no other way to describe it. The meaty stuff usually makes me want to vomit, but some of the desserts don't look so bad, I'm only slightly ashamed to admit. I remember once they had blue frosting-topped pancakes on there in honor of Horton Hears a Who at iHop....I would have loved to indulge me inner nine year old :)

    WF always has some seriously amazing tempeh. It's hard to cook tempeh well, but they succeed!

  3. I am seriously craving some Trader Joes Mac&Cheese...quick, easy and sooo yummy :-)

  4. mmm a Meditteranean feast sounds yummy. PS let me know if you want to start saving for the healthy living summit aug 13-15! im sooo broke right now but maybe we can find cheap flights there and be roomies!