Saturday, May 8, 2010

Food & Feelings

Thanks to the wonders of Twitter, some of us - Food Makes Fun Fuel, Une Vie Saine and Girl Meets Health- are all watching the classic chick flick, The Holiday (or just discussing its wonders!)

If any of you have seen this movie, the chick flick of all chick flicks, you know what I'm talking about. Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jack Black team up and work together across the Atlantic Ocean over Christmas so that these connected friends can find love. Totally legit and totally realistic.

You can totally expect I teared up a bit, too,

My favorite scene, by far, is when Cameron and Jude first meet... things get steamy pretty quickly;)

How could you turn down that face and those glasses the morning after? I mean, honestly, no one looks that good... Well, maybe some guys can compete;) Maybe a move to England is in my near future?

I digress.

After a sweaty weights session and Body Combat, girl's night was definetly called for. The combination of a girl's night in, The Holiday and guy drama calls for one thing, right? Sometimes you just need a glass of wine.

A glass (or two) later, mango ice cream was broken out of the freezer, and yes, it was glorious. But, wine & ice cream... and an emotional movie... the combination of the two got my brain thinking.

Why do we sometimes seem to be feeding our feelings rather than fueling our bodies? Sure, I exercised today, and I have no problem with a glass of wine and ice cream. The combination of all three made it feel different. Maybe it's the leftover disordered thinking, but it isn't a feeling of not "deserving" to have the ice cream and/or wine.
Sure, I may be single, and it may be a new thing to me after years, but it worries me to think this could become a pattern. I don't want to feed my emotions every time I think of the past. I have the knowledge and I have a zillion (alright, maybe only a billion) healthier outlets available to me that I am aware of and should use instead of chomping down on this TDF dessert every time I watch a chick flick.
Maybe emotional eating (from time to time) is a part of life, but something feels different about it. Maybe the fact that I'm aware of it and writing about it is signaling that it's more than time for a change, and this is my plan of action/call for help.
How do you guys recognize when you emotionally eat? Do you stop or tell yourself it's the last time you're going to do it? Do you think sometimes it's alright to do so?
Maybe it's time to turn off the chick flick... let's see if my friends are up for a nighttime walk!


  1. Well, clearly I need to break this movie out of the vault and watch it when I get home ASAP. I'm pretty sure I got it for some ridiculous price like $3, too, on Black Friday at Target.
    Maybe my opinion is unique coming from a different sort of past, but I find it OK and normal to emotional eat from time to time. I guess it depends on what I feel like my "mission" is then. Usually, I live to run and fuel and do well overall. Then there are times when all I want to do is focus for a test, so everything else takes a backseat priority. And then there are times when I just need to put myself and emotions first, so everything else takes a backseat, especially healthy eating. Again, different pasts may make for different presents, but that's my feeling, so long as it's not a ritualistic habit.

  2. Best. Movie. Ever. Looking at that picture made me realize that my BF has the same glasses as Jude Law, but they're his "nerd glasses" so he never wears them. I'm going to start harassing him to :)

    I get so pissed with myself for emotional eating too, but I think it's okay to use food for comfort as long as we REALIZE that it's not going to change anything. Some memories and activities are associated with food, and I think that's okay...I mean, Christmas wouldn't be the same without freshly baked cookies, and girls nights in wouldn't be the same for me without a Crystal Light/vodka combination and Entenmann's chocolate chip cookies. I'd never give those things up, no matter how "emotional" my cravings for them are. I think that it's when we find outselves reaching for food as an outlet for negative emotions that it becomes a problem. That wine and ice cream was well deserved- hell, I'm on my second muffin of the evening right now!!

    Hope you have a fantastic Sunday love!!

  3. I know when I emotionally eat and can't do anything to stop it. The best I can do is damage control and eat healthy. Or get away from the kitchen!!!!

  4. I am an extreme emotional eater...nuff said...I really don't think yours quantifies as that girl so don't worry :)...honestly food is just food - when people grab cookies or a slice of pie or fruit or whatever @ BBQ's or gatherings, they're not analyzing - but do I really want this?
    It would drive us all crazy...honestly if you or your mind really didn't want it or were ready for change, then you wouldn't do it...i don't know...

  5. I ADORE this movie! My favorite part is when Cameron Diaz is bored at the house so she blasts music and has a little dance party by herself lol!

    I recognize emotional eating when I know I wouldn't do it normally. I don't deprive myself either though. I had a GREAT workout on Saturday and a healthy lunch. I was in the city, saw Crumbs cupcakes, and rewarded myself with half of one. I think its important to have some of what you want when you want it as long as you don't over indulge!

  6. I really enjoyed that movie! My emotional eating involves nothing healthy....its usually jelly beans and cookies which I try never to keep in the house but with a 7 year old, at times I do them them here ;)

  7. i love the Holiday!
    i love ice cream

    ... basically sounds like an excellent night in... and really i do this even without the emotional stressors.. so do not fret miss!

  8. Sorry this is so late, i'm trying hard to catch up on blogs!

    Emotional eating is a peculiar thing...i know i catch myself all the time for many different reasons...usually stress or anxiety. But i digress, i try to ask myself why i'm eating and if i'm really hungry to make sure i'm not eating for other reasons...does tat make sense? And as far as being scared it will become a pattern? I think the sheer fact that you're aware it's there and happening means you can and will prevent it from occurring. no worries beautiful!

  9. The Holiday is one of my favorite movies. I love love love it! :)