Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Delights of Home

Happy almost Cinco de Mayo!
It's been so long since I've last updated E&E, and it has been! Since we last saw each other after my Epcot outing, I've been busy attending friends' graduations and graduation parties, getting ready for the next semester and taking care of my grandpa, who is doing in-home Hospice. I hope you guys never have to experience this stage of life, be it yourself going through the process or watching someone else.

I'll admit, most of my time is taken by that last factor (not complaining WHATSOEVER), but I decided to do a quick post on some of the reasons why I love being at home.

Numero Uno: Tampa's Whole Foods. 'Nuff said. My parents don't get too jazzed about the hot bar, something I will never understand. Have any of you been to the Boca Raton Whole Foods? By far, the best- it has the most expansive food range I've ever seen and is gorge. That is one of the few things I truly loved about that town! (It's the kind of place you either love or... not so much:)

Dos: Super Targizzle. Dear Gainesville, why have you not added this to your already comprehensive list of stores? We have a Super Walmart but Super Targets are plain and simple, just better in my opinion. Don't know what it is... Any of y'all feel the same?
P.S. - Archer Farms' buffalo wing-flavored chips are the best out there. Not meaty, but perfectly spicy. Two thumbs up!

And last but not least, classy eats eaten at home, unlike the typical college-student eats I consume two hours north. I loveeeeee tomato and mozzarella salads. Last night's was the perfect accompaniment to my dinnah.

What are your favorite things about being home? Anything you can't get in the town you live in?


  1. I think one of my favorite things is having a fully stocked, roomy kitchen at my disposal! Hope your day goes well, girl!

  2. I love my bed and my kitchen!! And my big red comfy family room couch :) Yummy looking caprese salad!

  3. The Boca Whole Foods is ridiculous! Every time I go in there I am in awe and can barely concentrate on finding what I need. So much to choose from! I work right down the street from there, so it takes willpower not to spend all my money there. :)

  4. I just finished my nursing school rotation in hospice. It was a tough experience. I'm sorry about your grandfather

  5. I love love love being home because I love spending time with my family who I barely see. I love just relaxing & doing family activities. I love the great food my parents make & all the get togethers we have at our house.

    that salad is beautiful

  6. Whenever I go to the States, the first thing I do is hit up the Target! We don't have them here in Canada!!! :(

  7. def agree about Super Target!!! I drop at least $30 every time I go into it here lol.

    I loveeee sitting on our comfy leather couch and watchin the big screen at home. something gville never had!

  8. my home is not my parents home anymore!! It would have been my room but that has officially been transformed :) Oh growing up!

  9. I hope you are able to enjoy some of the time with your grandpa.
    I get to watch TV at home. So what you ask, well, I don't have a TV in my dorm!