Monday, May 17, 2010


Happy Monday, bloggies and readers! Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend!

It seems this past weekend was filled with escapades. Can't complain about that, but it led to a lot of car-snacking.

You can tell by the light in the photos when I ate. This Caramel Nut Brownie Luna bar was enjoyed with the setting sun.

And yes, I did take all of these photos while my car was in motion. On I-75. Some may call taking pictures while driving at 80-ish miles per hour bad, but I think it takes major skill;)

Maybe I should add a "don't try this at home" disclaimer. Consider it done.

Starbursts were once again considered a driving requirement. I had never tried the FaveReds before, but was a little disappointed because the bursts weren't all cherry, but different flavor spin-offs of the loved red burst.

It really burst my bubble.

Moving on with pictures so I stop seeing how many times I can use the word "burst" in this post:)
I'd do it only for you guys!

Came home last night to a butt-load of work that needed to be finished. While I did the majority, I have a bunch of readings to do, which sounds just about as fun as it will be.
I snacked while working to the tune of buy-one, get-one Great Grains with unsweetened almond milk. You should check out your local Publix to see if this cereal is still available, it's the best!

I'm off to tackle two things: my reading and the treadmill!
How was your weekend? Busy or unproductive? Or even better, was it filled with shenanigans?


  1. i had a hard time remembering what i did this weekend, probably because I slept til noon on Saturday, then sunday was a total fail in terms of a run...

    you got mad skillz woman...driving and taking pictures :)

  2. I snapped a shot of my Luna bar while driving this weekend too...there's a law against cell phones, but none against cameras :)

  3. Twizzlers are my driving requirement. They just keep my mouth busy in return keeping me from getting bored :)

    I'm guilty of snapping foodie pictures while driving too. People must think I'm nuts :)

  4. Mine was unproductive. I did go to a Yankees game on Friday night, and Gettysburg PA for the rest of the weekend, but I had lots to do that I did not get done. Nor did I get to work out at all! :(

  5. I haven't had starbursts in forever! Hope you had a good run on the treadmill!

  6. I love the caramel nut brownie luna flavor! Mmmmm. My weekend was perfectly relaxing. I'm in between school and work right now (for about two weeks) and am at my mama's house doing...nothing. It's amazing!
    Happy Tuesday!

  7. I still have yet to have a luna bar! all the other bars in the bar isle always suck me in... maybe someday i will get to one of those luna's

    i only like the pink & red starburst but really prefer chocolate candies