Monday, May 31, 2010


Happy Memorial Day! Hope you had a great day off (Americans) and kept in mind the real reason we have a three-day weekend: the brave men and women who fight for our freedom. Thanks for everything you do!

Dear Katie and Sara (Silk Almond Milk giveaway winners): I contacted Silk about your prizes, and they will be on their way shortly! Thanks to everyone who entered:)

On to the shortest post ever. Blame the results of a weekend of travels, beaching, boating, boozing. It was fun! Can't complain:)

Post-party breakfast was a bowl of Great Grains and reduced-fat cow's milk. I don't know about you guys but I can really taste the difference between cow's and almond milk. Can you taste the difference?

Bloobs on top (as they usually are).

Plus some much-needed coffee and a little more milk.

Pre-drive (back to Gainesville) was Panera Bread. I got the summer fruit salad, and was pretty disappointed. It was supposed to come with chicken and didn't, and pretty much lacked any protein/filling factors. 'Twas the first time I've been disappointed in Panera. I don't give up that easily, though;)

Bloobs on top, again. (I'm immature.) But mature enough to not make the pecan joke I wanted to!

I dominated the whole wheat baguette.

And now I'm back, being productive (writing papers and watching RHONJ). Best combination ever.
I'm debating a Body Combat/Pump combination tomorrow... I'll be back to report on it if I survive!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Giveaway Winners!

Hey friends!

Just a quick post to let ya'll know who won the Silk Almond Milk giveaway!

Sara of My Fancy Tuna will receive the coupon for the free milk, and Katie of The Bailey Bunch won Silk's tote!

Congrats guys! Just e-mail me your home address at and I'll get your prizes sent out to you asap!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What do you say to Taking Chances?

"What do you say to taking chances?

What do you say to jumping off the edge?

Never knowing if there's solid ground below,

Or a hand to hold, or hell to pay... What do you say?"

That song, Taking Chances, by Lea Michele of Glee, feels like my theme song right now. I'm really loving trying new things and meeting new people! Sometimes it's good to break old habits!

Side note- when I went to type break, I accidentally typed bread... oops:)

I hope you all are having an awesome and safe Memorial Day weekend! I worked my butt off before it started so I could play a bit before heading back to Gainesville for school. Expect more pictures of eats in the Escape. Sometimes I feel like that should be the theme of my blog, but hey, I'm having a good time... can't complain!

I had some HFCS-filled yogurt during my three-hour long editing lab... It was meant to taste Cinnabon-ish I think, and actually did a pretty good job at that & holding me over til lunch time.

Eating Cool Whip and frozen mango while reading KERF:

This is a great summer treat!

Iced coffee the size of my head to power me through all of this homework!

That box in the background is filled with Charmin Ultra. No joke! Because it's totally normal to have boxes full of toilet paper chilling in your apartment.

I tried to make a Panera-esque salad (which I tweeted about!) which consisted of tuna, a little mayo, apples and grapes on a bed of spinach.

I'll leave Panera to do what they do best.

And another yogurt (can you say Publix sales?) on a textbook plate before heading home.

What are your favorite songs lately?
Hope you have a fun, safe Memorial Day Weekend!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Healthy Eating during Memorial Day Weekend

Hey, bloggers!

I just published a post on healthy eating at Memorial Day weekend BBQs for College Lifestyles- check it out!

Correction: Silk-ay Giveaway

First off, I would like to say that I had a big blogger blond moment two posts back- I forgot to let ya'll in on a secret- I'm hosting a giveaway for Silk, too!

Two winners will recieve fun gifts: one will recieve this lovely Silk Pure Almond branded ChicoBag (perfect for groceries!), and another winner will recieve a coupon for a free half gallon of Silk Pure Almond!

You can do so much with Silk Almond Milk- put it on cereal, use it to make smoothies and even bake cookies! The best part is, original Silk Almond Milk only has 60 calories, and the vanilla flavor only has 90!

Silk is loaded with antioxidants, too!

All you have to do is leave me a comment with what flavor you'd like to try and how you'd like to use Silk Pure Almond milk, and I will pick a winner by Saturday, May 29 at noon EST!

Good luck! I can't wait to read your responses!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Gifts and Budgets

Guess what I got in the mail today?

Still need another guess?

That's right, I got a slow cooker! Thanks to one of Melinda's giveaways, I now have a 6-quart slow cooker! I'm so excited- I want to have a bar night at my house and make Swedish meatballs, watch football and chow down on chili, and have the residents in my apartment complex love me when I prepare Indian food!

What are your favorite recipes to prepare in a slow cooker? Thanks again, Melinda!

And now, for the "budget" portion of the evening: red beans and rice- the side dish to last many evenings (hopefully) into the future. I've been spending lots of money on fun things lately... you know, going out, dresses, etc., and am making amends this week (before I spend a ridic amount of moo-lah Memorial Day weekend).

However, you can't go wrong with New Orleans-style food, and I love the spiciness of Zatarain's jambalaya rice mix!

I've gotta admit, the mix never looks great in the package...

But it sure came out delicious!

I know this is going to be great with some veg on the side, as most meals are!
How do you budget? What areas do you cut back on if you have the occasional splurge?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Silk-ay Weekend

It feels like it's been so long- and it has been- I last posted Wednesday! It has been a whirlwind of a weekend- traveling home, trips to Hospice for my Grandpa (here's hoping you never have to go through that!), hanging out with friends, homework (note how that's last, even though some may consider it muy importante). Oops!

However, I did the damn thang as SnackFace suggested on her vlog- thanks for the advice, beautiful!

Upon arrival to reality, aka Gainesville, I hit up Publix because I was in desperate need of non-pantry items. I stocked up on some watermelon, yogurt, frozen mango (finally!) and cool whip, which was obviously the most neccessary purchase.

Thanks to Silk's sampling campaign, I was able to pick up their original- and vanilla-flavored Pure Almond Milks. Thanks for the coupons, Silk!

Usually, I tend to pick up Blue Diamond's Almond Breeze, but lately I've been more than ready to try something new- and this didn't disappoint!

I had a glass of the original flavor of Silk's Pure Almond milk with some broc and Sabra's roasted garlic hummus while writing a paper earlier- protein is great brain food!

The original flavor tasted great, but if you're looking for a milk-y taste, this isn't for you. There was a bold, nutty taste to the almond milk, but if that's your thing, I would highly reccommend (sp? there are certain words I just can't master!) this for your basic milk needs, whatever those may be.

On to the next, and in my opinion, my favorite of the two flavors, Silk's vanilla-flavored almond milk. The b-o-m-b.

You can even see that watermelon and veg in the background, most of which was eaten shortly after almond milk had its photo session.

I saved the vanilla for later (as it seemed more of a dessert flavor;) to create what would be a foodgasmic OIAJ. The oats were instant, lower sugar, apples and cinnamon from good ol' Quaker.

The nuttiness of the original flavor was retained, but I loved the extra layer of vanilla flavoring. It was a bit sweet, but a perfect Sunday night dinner addition, to be consumed while doing all of the homework I put off the rest of the weekend.

Holy yum! This baby was creamy.

As for the rest of the weekend, it was spent with my best friend Steph. She's a FSU Seminole, but being the mature adult I am, I've forgiven her for that;) Love her! She's created a monster by introducing me to South Tampa...

Other fantastic foodie moments of the weekend: Ahi tuna tacos with mango and avocado, unfortunately there's no photo because the room was pitch black; a Publix Greenwise cookie, which was two cookies with chocolate frosting and icing... mmmmm; and wheatgrass shots!
Any good foodie moments this weekend? Hope you guys are having a great night! Any Lost watchers out there?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No Sugar, No Problem

Lately, you guys have been seeing tons of crap up here. Or maybe the deal is I've been eating a lot of crap (and maybe imbibing in a drink or two too many) and only posting a couple of my sweet treats.

Namely, my favorite candy, the Starburst. I blame it on the amount of driving I've done lately. Excuses, excuses.

Um, seriously, can you imagine eating a 54-ounce bag of those babies? I'm sure one person can't do it, at least not consecutively all in one night, but I'm thinking in terms of single ladies. Guys, on the other hand, could probably do it. Then again, they'd probably want to live up their foodie dreams by shoveling meat into their mouths. (TWSS)

In decided to cut back on my sugar intake, because I've been feeling a difference. You know when you're eating clean, energizing foods most of the time? You can for sure feel a difference when your body realizes you aren't anymore, and it's caught up with me.

My energy has been down, and I don't like it.

I suppose the whole tea thing really doesn't count (it's a little to hot in FL for hot tea right now,) but the whole no sugar thang is still workin' in this pic.

Some of the Googled "no sugar" pics are strange, but I guess that's the way it works. Got some Jessica Alba, some protein powder, some topless men. Then again, I posted a picture of a cat, so who am I to judge what's weird and what isn't?

In my whole less-sugar, more "real-people" meals idea, I made Mexican rice and beans last night with loads of veggies in there, topped with a lil' sour cream and guac.

Ignore the terrible lighting and what the guac looks like in the shot, because it creeps me out quite a bit. Was a good dinner, though! Nice and spicy, just the way I like it.

Hung out on my couch for a little bit today to get some work done (because obviously people are most productive on their couches:) And ate some broccoli and carrot mix with organic honey dijon for dipping purposes.

Screen shot of the important work... um, procrastination, that was taking place: Gilmore Girls. Are you surprised? Probably not.

Put my hand into the grab bag of veggies and pulled out this monster of a broccoli (head? stalk?) that literally needed to be broken apart to be eaten.

Yum. Cheers to healthy food!

I am off to do some more work - and not just watch online TV this time around! I can feel the weekend nearing tomorrow, and I'm headed to Tampa to hang out with family and friends!
I hope your hump day went well and you're well on your way to the weekend!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Happy Monday, bloggies and readers! Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend!

It seems this past weekend was filled with escapades. Can't complain about that, but it led to a lot of car-snacking.

You can tell by the light in the photos when I ate. This Caramel Nut Brownie Luna bar was enjoyed with the setting sun.

And yes, I did take all of these photos while my car was in motion. On I-75. Some may call taking pictures while driving at 80-ish miles per hour bad, but I think it takes major skill;)

Maybe I should add a "don't try this at home" disclaimer. Consider it done.

Starbursts were once again considered a driving requirement. I had never tried the FaveReds before, but was a little disappointed because the bursts weren't all cherry, but different flavor spin-offs of the loved red burst.

It really burst my bubble.

Moving on with pictures so I stop seeing how many times I can use the word "burst" in this post:)
I'd do it only for you guys!

Came home last night to a butt-load of work that needed to be finished. While I did the majority, I have a bunch of readings to do, which sounds just about as fun as it will be.
I snacked while working to the tune of buy-one, get-one Great Grains with unsweetened almond milk. You should check out your local Publix to see if this cereal is still available, it's the best!

I'm off to tackle two things: my reading and the treadmill!
How was your weekend? Busy or unproductive? Or even better, was it filled with shenanigans?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Venti: From Gainesville to Tampa and Back Again

Since summer classes and my internship started last Monday, I have been a busy girl!

I'm taking my senior capstone course this semester, Advanced Editing. I got lucky with scheduling, because if the course wasn't available this summer I would have had to stay in college one more semester!

Instead, I get to re-cultivate my love for AP style:

I usually do so while downing venti iced coffees from Starbucks. I like a lil' sugar-free caramel syrup in the mix, but it's a bit sweet for 9 a.m.

Getting my caffeine buzz on while becoming a grammar enthusiast:

After I got home from class, I was in desperate need of two things: a shower and some snackage.

I decided to combine the two:

Nothing goes better with blowdrying your hair than broccoli and honey mustard, right?
A hawk also decided to appear on the fence outside my apartment. I decided it could mean an omen or that there is a large amount of field mice in the area. I consulted the experts to discover what the appearance of a hawk really means.

That little (ferocious-looking) guy can be found above the left air conditioner. He had some fierce-looking eyes.
Since it's summer and all, I decided to take a trip down to Tampa to visit the fam and to have a change of scenery from The Swamp.

Another Venti, this time with the syrup and fruit on the side. The peaches in Starbuck's new fruit cups are mind-blowing. It only came with two, which was slightly disappointing, but they were the stars of the cup!

Those babies were hidden underneath the grapes. The kiwis were also delicious, but were sans skin, which I dearly missed. I love that added crunch.

What are your favorite driving snacks? Do you find you need coffee or caffeine to keep yourself awake on the road?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Food Lovin'

Happy Wednesday, guys (and gals)! Aren't you glad the hump day is over?

Lately I've been feelin' the aches and pains of being a college student - also known as learning that retail therapy doesn't mesh well with my love for Clif bars and organic vegetables... To put it politely, I need to find more of a balance.

Maybe my yogini friends can help me obtain that? And then we can practice together in my new Vicky's yoga pants and top... oops!

I figured that since Wednesday T.V. always seems to err on the side of crappy, I'd post something that I love: good eats. Let's get crackin'!
First things first: the classic. Whole Foods hot bar (and salad bar!), how I love thee. I cannot wait til we reunite in Tampa... soon, so soon.
What are your favorite Whole Foods eats- hot/cold bar, ready-made or otherwise?
Mmm, curry of any and all kinds is such a close contender. True love occurs when you can find curry as an option on the WF hot bar, and you often can.
I can almost smell how good this picture would taste. Because yes, my senses are just that well-refied.
Moving on to another guilty pleasure of mine... This is why you're fat. This is by far one of the best recipes I've seen yet, and I would gladly loosen my belt buckle to chomp down on these lucious 'cakes:

The Breakfast Cook's submission blew my mind. Not only is that an extremely foodgasmic picture, but I dare you to read the description without a little drool-age:
Red velvet pancakes served with whipped cream cheese and butter pecan syrup.
To die for, for sure! Do ya'll read TIWYF? I find some of the meatier submissions nast-ay, but to each his own food love!
And finally, tzatziki, a recent craving.

What does tzatziki go well with besides pita and cukes? Olives and other veggies? I feel like having a Meditteranean feast sometime soon... a lil' dinner party may be on the horizon.

In other Exercise and Eat news, I am well on my way through Patti Stanger's glorious book, Become Your Own Matchmaker. The advice Stanger gives sharp, dead-on and unforgiving of men who don't treat women with respect. In other words, I love it.
Stanger seems like a miracle worker, but do you think she's good enough to work this into my life? I'd probably have to be a billionaire to make this kind of magic happen:

What are your current dream food/cravings? Any good ideas for me?:)
Enjoy your hump day evenings!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

Hey, bloggies! I've missed ya today!

Since Summer A session of classes started today, I feel like I've been missing out, since I haven't been attached at the hip to Twitter and blogs all day! It's going to be a long 6 weeks, but I think I can pull through it, though I will miss your updates terribly! Can you say addict??

First of all, check out this amazeballs (my new word, thanks Giuliana Rancic,) that my aunt made for Mother's Day! She even made the chocolate that was on top of it- it was a beach themed cake (with sugar sand, no joke) and she made shell- and seahorse-shaped chocolates!

Holy yum! There's some in my fridge and I am trying soooo hard to ration it:) We'll see how well this turns out! To me, cake it where it's at and I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

That beaut's probably not gonna last til Friday;)

Since summer classes started, I eat on the go like no one's business. Between running to the gym (for another Body Combat session! LOVE those classes- I left drenched again:), then driving back to my apartment, running from class to class and then getting your "normal" day-to-day stuff done, it's busy!
I love it because I can feel myself getting back into loving school. Spring was kind of an off semester for me, so I'm more than ready to dive in head-first now! I love learning, and I hope that never dies.
I had 4 of these bars today and am finally eating real food. What are good on-the-go foods besides granola bars? I think I might bring some dried fruit along with me, but I know y'all will have some good ideas!

My planner is still blank, as my "hard class" will only be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This time period is definetly the calm before the storm. I predict next week will bring on exams and lots o' work quickly!

When I was buying my Rock and Roll in American Society (no joke, that's the class- it isn't a breeze, but the subject matter is awesome! We watched a movie that had the love of my life, Steven Tyler, in it- awesome!) I picked up this self-help book from the genius matchmaker, Patti Stanger, of The Millionaire Matchmaker.

I am geniunely surprised and impressed by this book. Sure, it will be a quick read, but it wasn't designed for gold-diggers- Patti even talks poorly about the subject! I am by no means looking for a millionaire, but I would reccommend it to anyone who has had a hard time getting over an ex or if you've recently been through a tough breakup. Have you ever read a self-help book?
Moving on:)
Have you heard these songs? These are my theme songs right now- and they're all over the place!
The Glee Cast's version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" - check out this video! Amazeballs:)
Carrie Underwood's new single, "Undo It" (Great for runs:)
Drake's "Over" - everyone loves the I'm doing me part, right!?

Hope you guys have a great Monday night! I'll probably be reading Patti's words of wisdom and watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey... such a guilty pleasure! What are yours?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Food & Feelings

Thanks to the wonders of Twitter, some of us - Food Makes Fun Fuel, Une Vie Saine and Girl Meets Health- are all watching the classic chick flick, The Holiday (or just discussing its wonders!)

If any of you have seen this movie, the chick flick of all chick flicks, you know what I'm talking about. Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jack Black team up and work together across the Atlantic Ocean over Christmas so that these connected friends can find love. Totally legit and totally realistic.

You can totally expect I teared up a bit, too,

My favorite scene, by far, is when Cameron and Jude first meet... things get steamy pretty quickly;)

How could you turn down that face and those glasses the morning after? I mean, honestly, no one looks that good... Well, maybe some guys can compete;) Maybe a move to England is in my near future?

I digress.

After a sweaty weights session and Body Combat, girl's night was definetly called for. The combination of a girl's night in, The Holiday and guy drama calls for one thing, right? Sometimes you just need a glass of wine.

A glass (or two) later, mango ice cream was broken out of the freezer, and yes, it was glorious. But, wine & ice cream... and an emotional movie... the combination of the two got my brain thinking.

Why do we sometimes seem to be feeding our feelings rather than fueling our bodies? Sure, I exercised today, and I have no problem with a glass of wine and ice cream. The combination of all three made it feel different. Maybe it's the leftover disordered thinking, but it isn't a feeling of not "deserving" to have the ice cream and/or wine.
Sure, I may be single, and it may be a new thing to me after years, but it worries me to think this could become a pattern. I don't want to feed my emotions every time I think of the past. I have the knowledge and I have a zillion (alright, maybe only a billion) healthier outlets available to me that I am aware of and should use instead of chomping down on this TDF dessert every time I watch a chick flick.
Maybe emotional eating (from time to time) is a part of life, but something feels different about it. Maybe the fact that I'm aware of it and writing about it is signaling that it's more than time for a change, and this is my plan of action/call for help.
How do you guys recognize when you emotionally eat? Do you stop or tell yourself it's the last time you're going to do it? Do you think sometimes it's alright to do so?
Maybe it's time to turn off the chick flick... let's see if my friends are up for a nighttime walk!