Thursday, April 22, 2010

Summer Sun and Margaritas

No, I am not in Phuket, but I have been relaxing poolside most of the day!

I love infinity pools that seem to drop off into the ocean!

Ah, Summer Vacation.
With you comes sunshine, tan skin, margaritas ... and up to 4 classes. Boo, UF, boo. I'm hesistant to say I'm ready to be done school because everyone is graduating and it's still a bit scary to think of the unknown!
Up til May 4, I will be emitting the laziest vibes possible- sleeping in, lying poolside and following up my rough day with some much-needed drinks. A trip to Tampa next weekend is a must for family time and Clearwater Beach.

"The sun and the sand and a drink in my hand, with no bottom" and "toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world a cold beer in my hand" are theme songs right now. In addition to Glee- as if you needed reminding!

With Clearwater Beach comes Frenchy's, my favorite of them being Rockaway, a casual restaurant located directly on the beach. The above picture showcases my favorite meal there, the Tropical Chicken Walnut Salad. Delish!
It comes with walnut chicken salad and fruit salad on a lettuce blend with a nice chunk of banana walnut bread to boot! I usually end up skipping the taco-salady (totally a word) bowl because I love diving face-first into their banana bread! Mmm:)

How did I get so lucky to have this as the backdrop for my hometown?

What does summer mean to you? What is your favorite summer meal? Any big plans? Fill me in!


  1. Summer brings with it my first real job! So excited! Oh my god, I love Glee so much. This last episode was great!

  2. Summer to me means having the kids home, going to the pool, and going on picnics and bike rides! We are planning a trip to Bermuda too, so that should be fun!

  3. sounds like you have a fantastic summer planned.

    to me, summer = time to read those books i've been wanting to read all semester, studying for the RD exam, and hopefully finding/starting a job!

  4. Ah gorgeous! My favorite summer meals are usually huge salads, toppings differ.

    Summer to me is usually relaxation and real world practice (aka internships) but this year it's a new beginning. Hoping to land my first job this summer, fingers crossed :)

  5. You ARE lucky to have that as your hometown, it's absolutely beautiful!! I love TONS of fresh fruit in the summertime, on top of everything. And cereal- my favorite part of summer is eating my bowl on the porch every morning! Hope you have a great day!!

  6. Summer means relaxing and being of stress and school work!

  7. Andy and I both work in education so summer means RELAXING to me. This is the first summer that I haven't been taking classes. I'm thrilled.

  8. Oh I can't remember you because i haven't had a vacation in years! but i suppose sometimes my job gives me the idea of a vacation sometimes!

    you going to be in Gainesville @UF on the 3rd? I'm going to be staying with Lindsey that night before i drive to houston the next day! Let me know and email me; I'd love to meet you!

  9. ooh summer means lots of beach + road trips :) can't wait for it!

  10. summer means relaxationnnnnnnnnnnn haha. but for real hopefully this summer we'll have gawj weather and i can relax a tad! even though i'll still be working and going to school haha

  11. Summer means the BEACH!!!! We have a condo on the South Padre Island (Texas Coast) and we go every summer for a weeks at a time! Love it!

  12. You are lucky. Now I am completely craving the beach and a margarita!