Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pumpin' that Iron

Hey, guys! Hope you're having a relaxing Saturday afternoon:)

I was lucky enough to meet up with Gina of Fitnessista and Lindsey of Sound Eats-- we ate lunch at the Flying Biscuit Cafe, a great breakfasty place on the more residential side of town, away from UF. I linked ya'll right to the menu section of the Web site (obviously the most important!)

No worries, it was as delish as it looks! I had the Hollywood Omelette sans white cheddar cheese. I ate the top layer of the biscuit- aka the best part!- with a little of the Flying Biscuit's jam. Absolutely delicious, and perfect alongside great company and conversation:)

On the way out the door, Gina gifted me with some of her chocolate macaroons - which I am noshing on after my strength training sesh at the gym!

I decided that I needed to incorporate some more iron-pumping into my sweat sessions. You know when you can just tell you need it? Today it hit me that I need to be hitting those leg machines and, unfortunately, going into the "men's side" of the gym to work on upper body strength.
You never know, I might pick up a cutie or two next to all that iron... we can work out together and grab a protein shake after... maybe even do some GTL rotations a la The Jersey Shore (as if you need a link!)
I can already feel it, in a good pain kind of way- and can't wait to see the results in my runs!
I'm now off to the 'rents house down south for Easter- hope you guys get some good Easter baskets:)


  1. It was so good to meet you! And I'm glad I got to try Flying Biscuit!

    Can't wait for Satchels! :)

    (Ahh for some reason it's making me comment as Mrs. LC, not Sound Eats! whoops!)

  2. AWW how FUN!! Flying Biscuit sounds amazing!!!
    ahaha love the jersey shore shoutout!

  3. i had a blasty with you girls today! let's do it again soon <3
    glad you had an awesome workout!
    gtl- haha

  4. + for bloggie meet up ... that's FUN!

    - for the male side of the gym... i haven't made it there yet either.. scary

  5. Looked like a fun meet-up!!! I need to find some DC bloggers! :)

    Have a great day <3


  6. I want to do a meet up! let me know when you're around Atl! :) have a good day!

  7. awww what a fun meetup!! glad you had such a good time haha.

    ..hoping to see you next season on the dirty joizy shaw ;)

  8. Happy Easter!! That sounds like such a fun meetup, Gina's blog was the first I ever read! Hope you're having a good holiday!

  9. I love a good iron pumping workout! My body always thanks be afterward.

  10. That omelet looks delicious; wish I was down in Florida to mange on that...hehe..

  11. I go to UF and we often go to the flying biscuit! i love that place!