Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Achoo! (Bloggie-reader response: Gesundheit!)

Bad joke, sorry guys & gals! Where is my sense of humor? I must be losing a little with each successive sneeze...

Good Lord! Does anyone elses's pollen allgergies get worse indoors than they are outside?
I swear every time I go from being outside to coming inside, I sneeze like a mo-fo (does that word need a hyphen? Fellow journalists, lemme know!). This mo-fo sneezing leads to me taking Publix brand allergy meds, which means I will be sleeping like a baby in no time.
A guest I served at the pizza restaurant told me that local honey would solve my allergic reaction to Gainesville pollen.

Maybe it's just finals season;)? Only joking, I'm so lucky and appreciative to be at UF, no matter what I say. Can't wait for that diploma!

To beat my allergies, I am headed all around the state of Florida - and a bit out of it this weekend!

I am headed to Tampa/Clearwater (I grew up in Clearwater, and recently learned Angela of Oh She Glows spent some time there, too!) - and still don't know what to refer to it when I'm going home. My parents live in Tampa, but my home is Clearwater... yet now that I'm getting closer to graduation, what is "home" to me seems to be constantly changing... oh existential crises!

Back to the point- I'm headed to Tampa/Clearwater for a funeral service for my best friend's father. I can't even imagine. All I know is she is so strong and handling this so well. She is amazing!

After that, I am heading to St. Augustine for some Atlantic Ocean therapy, which is much-needed.

How peaceful does that look? I can't wait to jump in the water and feel the waves and power of the ocean again. So healing.

Then, I am headed to Atlanta, for about a half of the day. Anyone been there/live there? Where should I go for lunch/dinner? Helpful hints are always appreciated!

Where do you go for therapy? What is your "outlet"? What gives you therapy/healing/relief and seems to solve your problems?

And who is running Live Earth? Sorry if it gives you the Florida locations, unless you live here!


  1. Go to Trader Joe's in Atlanta!!!!!! It's a foodie dream! Affordable too!

    We will meet up again soon - let me know when you'll be around! :)


  2. haha I hear you... the moment I step into my office I always start sneezing like crazy... and I dust/keep it clean too! Weird...


  3. ooh go to the hard rock cafe in ATL is fun :)
    Also, if you get a chance to visit Stone Mountain.. it is amazingggg. One of my favorite places in Georgia.

  4. im sorry about your allergies. ive never had them but have been around people who have.

    my therapy is silence. all i need is some quiet time and then im fine to rejoin society. lol.

  5. thank you so much for telling me the great body compliment..made my night :)

    have a great time on your trip!

    for therapy, i create recipes, play with my daughter, or just read blogs and drink coffee :)