Monday, April 12, 2010

I Made it to Palmyra!

I wish! Look at that beautiful water:

Not the actual atoll, but a road in Albany, GA. I'm kicking myself for not taking a photo!Guys, you will never hear the end of my love for this atoll- people toss around the word "favorite," but this really is my favorite place in the world!

Gina, when I was driving through Valdosta I kept thinking of you! I even saw some Nascar-style jackets after pumpin' some gas there... wow;) Next time I go through I'll have to stop by!
Stopped for a photo shoot off of the 82 aka Corridor Z. People stared.

Not all things in GA were stereotypical, but my jaw was almost to the floor of my car- in a good way- when I was driving into Albany - so Southern and not what I expected. I was driving along a road called Corridor Z (no joke, at least according to my Garmin) for about 40 minutes and it was beautiful. I used to fancy myself LeAnn Rimes growing up (pre-skankiness husband stealing) and immediately wanted to get on a horse, grow some crops and drink sweet tea.

Hands down, the night sky was my favorite part. I've missed it more and more after being at sea... the lights of Gainesville (what I now consider a big-ish city) just don't cut it. I literally could have lay outside all night staring up at the sky.

Also, if you're from Georgia (or Tampa;) welcome to my blog! It's great to have you here... if only I got to wear a headset and talk smack to 12-year-olds when I write, blogging would be so much cooler;)

After a great weekend of travel (some not so great- i.e. my Tampa trip, just because of the reasons for travel -- but this doesn't include Atlanta or St. Augustine!) I was glad to get back- my weeks of interning and school are winding down. This week marks the end of my internship with the March of Dimes and classes. At least I'll get in a solid two nights of Tutoring Zone... I keep trying to convince myself it's normal to be excited for tutoring? I've heard otherwise.

I'm the loser (or regular college student, if you see it like that;) who gets there early with pens, pencils and highlighters and who is super-attentive the whole time. I guess I just like to study?
Speaking of the end of my internship, the office had a celebratory lunch today at Flying Biscuit. Yummmmmy. I had another Hollywood Omelette, and left with a complimentary food coma and food baby after devouring the plate (and sketchily taking a photo of it so my boss wouldn't think I was a weirdo)
In other thrilling news, after this weekend my body is killing me from longer runs! Does anyone in the Gainesville/Tampa area know of any good, not creepy, no happy-ending masseuses (?) that aren't too expensive? I have this weird pain in my back that I need worked out asap!

I am now off to spinning- I'm really hoping they have good tunes to listen/sing along with (don't act like ya'll don't do that) because I have been dragging today! My beloved Red Bull hasn't even saved me yet:(


  1. Jessica @ How SweetApril 12, 2010 at 2:21 PM

    Hahahah your comment about Leann Rimes made me crack up. Have fun at spinning, girl! :)

  2. Wow, what a gorgeous location!! Hope you're having an amazing time!

  3. I've never been to GA, but those pictures are gorgeous!! I'm always nervous to take pics in front of people too- I feel so creepy! Hope you had a good spin class!

  4. YAY i love spinning.. oh and omgosh one year in highschool when i did track i chugged a red bull before practice... it was the absolute worst idea i have ever done.. hello i think i thought my heart was going to pop right out of my chest.

    7 cups of coffee no big deal.. red bull is death.. that really doesn't make any sense does it!