Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Green Fiend

Green: In my opinion, has become a bit of a fad lately, but is the BEST of 'em! Anything that motivates people to reduce, reuse and recycle gets a thumbs-up in my book!

Do you know when I lived onboard that we were required to take military showers (rinse, turn off faucet, soap up, rinse again)? It has seriously left an impression on me - my showers usually last about 5 minutes, MAX! I also really like to reuse containers, like yogurt or pickle jars, as future leftover holders, and use shopping bags as trash bags.

I really believe that every little thing counts- a bunch of little efforts can add up to a lot!

Other green items I'm loving mucho lately include green tomaters. I've added them to chicken salad and replaced them with their red relative in regular salads. I'm loving the extra tanginess and kick they give to a meal! I have yet to fry them though, I'll leave it to the experts, Whistle Stop in Safety Harbor, Fla!

Unfortunately, during the glory that was the Madonna episode of Glee this week, I ate them during the fabulous song combos that I am quickly learning all of the words to.

Also loving: This shirt from Anthropologie. What don't I love from that store?? From their kitchen wares, to their bedding, to their fantastic clothes, I wish I could have it all.

I'm not there just yet- travel > clothes, at least in my book and I'm debating a trip up to Canada and one to Texas this summer!

And here's to the best green of them all: Earth Day, which is tomorrow, April 22 (Thursday)! This sounds cheesy, but we only have one planet and we have to learn how to treat it well- it gives us a lot! Again, the little things add up to make a big difference: eating one vegetarian meal is great for the environment! Try to walk to a place you'd normally drive to (within reasonable distance!)

Most importantly, take a second to appreciate the beauty of something around you- I live in Gainesville: Payne's Prarie is a beautiful area, as is Cedar Key and the Santa Fe River. Get out and enjoy nature! Go for a hike (can you really call it a hike in flat Florida?) or kayak down a river.

Love nature, so it can love you back!

Are you doing anything special for Earth Day? How do you take care of our planet on a daily basis?


  1. Great tips for going green. I didn't do anything special for Earth day (Sorry Mother Earth!!!) but I naturally live a fairly green lifestyle including walking everywhere, recycling, and taking quick showers.

  2. I love anthropologie, but it's so expensive. I love walking to do errands. Today I walked to the post office, saved me gas and got me a little exercise action in as well.

  3. I just found your blog- love the color scheme! And I <333 Antro as well [don't we all?]
    My school is selling reusable shopping bags tomorrow, and I always turn off the lights when I, or someone else, leave a room. Little things :)

  4. Anthropology has such beautiful clothes, if only they were not so expensive! Quality not quantity I suppose?

  5. I try to make it earth day every day but doing my part!