Friday, April 16, 2010

Peace, Love and Pizza

Good afternoon, bloggies! I just returned from a fabulous lunch with fellow bloggers Shannon of Tropical Eats and Lindsey of Sound Eats. We ate at Satchels, which is somewhat of a Gainesville landmark, at least when it comes to pizza.

The restaurant has a very hippie-ish, laid back feel, which was perfect for this lovely day. I romped it up and got some stares in return, no big deal. I enjoyed most of their decorations, which included this door covered in beads and little trinkets:

Gorgeous, but unlikely to show up on the back of my apartment door anytime soon- I don't think the management would like it very much!

I also shamelessly repped Exercise and Eat on the seat of the chair next to me. It wasn't technically vandalism, writing on the walls is encouraged there- we ate inside of their van (sorry, no pics of that!) and I decided to promote myself. Because hey, if you can't rep yourself, who else will want to?


I had their lunch special, which included Satchels delicious salad- tossed in their amazing salad dressing, which claims it's made with love. Can't turn any of that karma away;) It also had some delicious green apples and sunflower seeds in it, along with your usual salady-goodness.

Fun fact of the day: Salad in Polish is salatka - except the l has a slanty line through it and is pronounced like a w, so it's sa-wat-ka.


I could literally have eaten the large bowl of this (serves 8, no biggie- but decided that adding a slice of pizza the size of my face would be a much better choice, obviously).

Eaten sans crust.
Just your regular cheese, topped with spinach, roasted red pepps, and artichoke hearts - for more love:)!

'Twas as delicious as it looks.

I'm thinking this key-decorated chandelier (definetly need to learn how to spell that) was gorgeous- think of all the stories behind each and every key!

I decided to call today a rest day, but am already getting agitated and want to go for a run or go pump some iron. Does this happen to any of you guys? Maybe it's because my other option is to study... I have five exams Tuesday!

Time to hit the books - what are your weekend plans? Tell me it's something more fun than Library West!


  1. good luck studying!!!! I know you'll kick major booty on those exams :)

  2. what an interesting and quirky little place. good luck studying.

  3. That looks like such a cool restaurant! I'm in Philly for the weekend and I'm so excited about trying different eating places and foods!

  4. wow what a fun place!!!! good luck studying-that was me last week! ahh! i feel your pain!

  5. that chandalier is insane - i love places like that.

  6. Cool restaurant! The pizza looks like it was loaded with the good stuff! I hate it when a veggie pizza comes and has hardly any of the veggies, but yours looks like it did not disappoint!

  7. I LOVE big pizza slices.. I had one Thursday and Friday night.. a big 1/8 of a 26'' pan.. no shame! Your slice looks awesome!!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. That looks like such a neat place for a meetup! The chandelier is really cool. I have a thing for cheeseless pizza as well, those veggies on yours look great!! Hope you're having a great weekend love!!

  9. the artichokes on that pizza look out of this world delish!

  10. What a cool place to eat- that pizza looks sooo good!!

  11. Hope you got all your studying done!

    I also get a little stir crazy on my rest days. It's never enough to actually go out and exercise though haha

  12. I wish I lived in Florida so I could of joined ya! Looks fun and tasty!