Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gleeful, but Embarassed

How many of ya'll watched Glee last night? I did... and loved it! As soon as I saw the songs available for download this morning on iTunes, I knew I had to have them in my library. Especially this one- listen to it and you'll fall in love. Promise.

"Hello" and "Hope it Gives You Hell" are on repeat, as is "Highway to Hell." I can't wait for next week's Madonna episode! How funny was Sue's "Vogue" music video last night?! This song just showcases how amazing next week will be.

I predict mucho sexual tension between Finn and Rachel and the teachers (whose names I can't remember right now!) Check out a preview! I'm a wee bit obsessed, if you couldn't tell, especially with Rachel - in a non-lesbian way;) (and no, I'm not promoting them for Fox!) A girl can dream, though!

Back my regular life, as I don't have an awesome voice no matter how many times I sing in the shower/car... I feel like my neighbors aren't going to love me much this week- I just can't get enough of those songs!
Recently, a lot of people have asked for my blog's Web address and I admittedly gave it out very reluctantly. Which, at a most basic level doesn't make sense because I obviously want a lot of people to read my blog! I have always kind of been a quiet, shy person and I feel like sometimes I get into subjects I haven't discussed with friends.

The content of my posts are also affected by what the readers want, and if they've already seen posts, I try to avoid rehashing the same deets for you guys. Because hey, let's admit it, you can only read the same story so many times, even if it is about hot vampires and wolves fighting for one mortal's attention.

I digress.

How do you guys deal with the embarrassment factor of blogs? Are you easily embarassed? Has blogging affected any of your personal relationships?

Not exactly THAT level of embarassment, but you get the idea.

Last night's post and a post from this weekend has already seemed to cause some drama in my life. Guys, my grandpa passed away and came back to life after I hit publish. I know it probably reads as a bit crazy, but I didn't want to delete that post. I've had to deal with a lot of deaths (and yes, I count the sinking of Concordia as a death. When you live on a ship and become an adult on a vessel it becomes your home... I cried watching the second Pirates of the Caribbean the other day.) All of these deaths are really getting to me.
I deleted a post of mine that I really wanted to write because it was so repetitive of other bloggers, and reactions I got to a recent post really surprised me.

I can also see some of my posts starting drama... I want to blog for me and me alone! At least, my ideas alone. I want to blog for you guys, too. The support system of the blogging community is pretty darn amazing, and I lurve being a part of it.

Life is hard sometimes, and adding more drama to it doesn't make sense! Blogging is such a great outlet- we should help each other out instead of bringing each other down.
Here is something seriously positive: Check out the food, um, man candy on this Shedding It and Getting It post. Made my Wednesday morning a heck of a lot better;) I'm begging for weekly installments! Here's my favorite guy.
And here's to more positive blogging for everyone! Enjoy the day, loves:)


  1. screw what everyone else thinks, is my motto. just go ahead and write what you feel like. we own our blogs. dont let inconsiderate people dictate what you want to write. this should be a place where you feel like writing whatever you want, controversial or not. ill always read :)

    p.s. im in love with rachel too, in a non lesbian way. lol. i cant help but youtube her and listen to her amazing. i think if i met her in real life id die...

  2. For some reason I have never gotten into Glee. I'm going to have to get the first season and watch it all on a lazy day!

    I understand why you're embarrassed about the whole blogging thing with people you know in real life. But, as long as you stay truthful in your blog, everything should be fine. You can't please everyone, so just be yourself! Again, sorry to hear about your grandfather. I hope you get to see him before anything happens.

  3. I hope all goes well with your grampa! Glad you enjoyed Glee! I can't wait to watch it! My friend taped it because I don't have a T.V. Have a good day, girl!

  4. Okay at the riskof sounding completely stupid...what is Glee??

  5. I think I'm the only person in the blogworld who hasn't seen Glee...I don't even understand what it's about, haha!! Is it too late for me to start watching?

    This is YOUR blog, write what YOU want. Seriously. If people don't want to read it, they don't have to, and if they have negative things to say about it, then screw them, because they're only wasting their own time on something they don't care about. The people who care will read it because they want to hear what you have to say. Not many people in my real life known about my blog, which is nice...but yeah, I've had to censor some stuff since I know some of my family members read!

    Hope you've had a great hump day love!!

  6. I love Gleeee. And I always sing it when I say it! As far as the drama, I know what you mean. Its so hard to feel like you can say what you want but this blog should be your own creative outlet!
    As far as people you know, I agree with wanting to censor some things. Id really love to talk about how growing up in an unhealthy household iwth unhealthy, overweight parents really set me up for some hardships as an adult but I know it would hurt my family. Its a hard situation sometimes!

  7. I dont watch glee, but i wanted to say that i would recommend that you write whatever you need to write. This is YOUR blog. You have the right to talk about whatever you need. Also, I hope that you Grandpa is doing better and that you can spend some more time with him!!

  8. Thank you guys for all the support:) Means a lot!

  9. your blog is for you lady. if i did what a lot of "not so nice commenter's" said, i wouldn't be writing at all! people create drama sometimes just because they want to...don't worry. someone will always be around to back you up!

  10. You blog for you! I will read and just comment! Really write what you please lady.