Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Disney for Adults

Hey, guys! I sure have missed ya'll!! Between finals, traveling back and forth to Tampa, taking a trip up north to Georgia and Tallahassee this weekend, Disney, and a minor school incident today - missing grade, no problem, it got fixed!- I have had about nada time to update E&E.

No bueno, but no problem- I'm back now and with some tales from my trip to Disney! Some friends and I decided to go to Epcot and the Magic Kingdom and MGM (which is now Hollywood Studios? Has it always been that way?) to celebrate the end of the semester.

I decided to start the day off with some chocolate Lucky Charms for the car ride down to Orlando. Yummmmmy.

They seemed very Disney-appropriate because like any good child, I ate all my marshmallows first and pouted through the rest of the boring cereal.

Don't worry guys, I didn't eat the weights you see behind my delish cereal.

About two hours later, we were here!

That's a pretty famous castle, huh? I didn't see any princesses though. Just Buzz Lightyear. Do they even have a princess come out dressed as Pochahontas? She's one of my top fave princesses, along with Belle and Sleeping Beauty. I really like the modern Alice (of in Wonderland;) because she's a badass and went sailing around the world instead of following a guy at the end of the movie. Can't hate that!
MGM Studios is my favorite- I still get seriously frightened on Tower of Terror - you should have heard me screaming like a baby! I bet fellow Orlando bloggers could. The feeling of weightlessness is pretty exhilarating, though! I'd really love to try skydiving... tandem, of course! At least the first time around.
After about 9 hour's worth of walking around the parks we decided it was time for Epcot, also known as time to Eat and Drink our way around the world. The really fun pictures are on my friend's camera, and if you're lucky I may post some pictures of me after three of these ginormous beers and a Grey Goose Citron slushee.
You heard me right. Disney's French area makes Grey Goose Citron slushees. Which tasted like candy. Amazing.
My friend and I decided to eat Chinese/Asian cuisine. I ordered chicken curry croissants, which were really just bread, bread, bread with a teeeeeeny piece of curry chicken in it. Luckily, I got to snag a few bites of these veggie egg rolls while their owner sipped a strawberry marg straight out of Mexico. Very authentic.

While we dined and drank our healthy cuisine, we got to watch a beautiful sunset over Lake Epcot. That may or may not be its actual name, so don't quote me on it;)

Again, most of the "fun" pictures are on my friends camera. I was disappointed though. I expected to get poutine in Canada, but no dice. Disney, you let me down! I did get to see Niagara Falls, though, so I think we're still on good terms.
And you can't leave Disney without buying some souveneirs, right? Especially after spending wayyyy too much on drinks.
Case in point: Mickey Mouse cereal/oatmeal/salad/yogurt mess/everything bowl. Super cute and only $7. Not too shabby for Disney.

I'm currently noshing on some chicken caesar salad and anxiously awaiting sing-a-long time, aka Glee!

Have you ever been to Disney? If so, what's your favorite part of it? If not, what are your favorite theme parks and how come?


  1. I haven't been to Disney since high school, but one day I'd love to go back. I don't really see it happening before I have kids though! Glad you had fun, thanks for sharing the pictures :)

  2. I live really close to Disneyland but I need a trip to Disneyworld asap!

  3. Sounds like a fun time! I haven't been in ages--maybe 10 years? I loved MGM, and Epcot, and I just loved it all. Glad you had fun!

  4. I've been eyeing that mug at Disneyland for a while! Love it :)

  5. Aww I love Disney! I haven't been since I was in 3rd grade though...bummer. I LOVED the Tower of Terror as a kid, which is funny because I'm a huge scaredy cat!! Hope you have a great hump day!!

  6. I haven't been to Disneyland in forever. I love all the cool candies/pastries :-)

  7. I went to Disneyland when I was 9 years old. I'd love to go back as an adult! It would be great to make a long road trip out of it too and see more "adult sights" like Napa Valley... :)

  8. Chocolate lucky charms? I didn't know there was such a thing!

    And I love the Mickey bowl! Very cute.

    I haven't been to Disney World since I was 8 years old... I hope to go again sometime so I can see the Animal Kingdom!

  9. JEALOUS!! I went to Disney Land in CA when I was a kid but I haven't ever been to Disney World in Florida...I want to so badly. I have heard that it is just as much fun for adults as it is for kids!

  10. We have gone to WDW the last 4 years in a row for DD, she loves it and we are going afin this summer. I ana Disney addict...LOL I love seeing all the characters and love watching "wishes"....I think the castle is truly magical!

  11. Can you believe I have never ever ever been there before. I think that makes me not American. Seriously!!

  12. I;ve been to Disney Land and World. I actually think World is so much better!! But Land is definitely worth the trip just for CA! :)

    Hope you are having a great week girl

  13. Glad you got the school issue cleared up. Always a little scary and annoying when that kind of stuff happens!

    I was in 8th grade the last time I went to Disney. I'd love to go back with friends, though. I also loved MGM...so fun!

  14. How did I not know chocolate lucky charms existed?! My childhood self would've been all over that!
    I've only been to Disney World once, and it was in high school, so at that point I was past childlike wonder. But I still really liked the Indiana Jones show at MGM, and the international pavilion at Epcot.

  15. Wow you go to UF? I live 25 minutes from there! In fact I'm going on campus tomorrow to meet with a friend.

  16. I love this post! Disney is so great. Hope you had a magical time. :D

    I'm thinking about working there one summer through their college program.

    I've been to Disney World but never D. Land or any abroad parks.

    My other favorite theme parks are Dorney Park (Pennsylvania) and Cedar Point (Ohio).

  17. HOW FUN!!!
    i love disney!!
    LOVE your cereal too!!!! i love roller coasters!

  18. Disney looks amazing - how fun! I haven't been in years but the hubs and I may take a trip down to Cali for fun this summer!

  19. awww LOVE that bowl :) what a fun way to celebrate schoolness being over!

    epcot and mgm are totally my fav and next time i go back i'm dieing to eat in japan!

  20. OH MY GOD I love your bowl!! I'm going to Disney World in like, four weeks and I'm totally pumped...and I'm totally going to buy that bowl.

    Cool blog, by the way...I'm subscribing :)