Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Body Pump

Whew! If you read my last post, you can understand I've had a crazy night. Crazy of the craziest!

I am now in the midst of homework that doesn't make sense, studying for five exams on Tuesday, ending an internship, starting a new one and everything else!

And a little Glee watching thrown into the mix:)

I have the morning off tomorrow (at least til 11) due to the whole ending-the-internship thing, so I'm finally going to take an a.m. Body Pump class at Gainesville Heath and Fitness Center.

Some of you may have heard Tina talk about the class, but I can't sing its praises enough.

That Les Mills sure knows what he's talking about!

The class works every muscle in your body (and the ones you didn't even know you had!) and you leave feeling awesome and alive. I think strength is sexy, and while I could do cardio til I'm blue in the face - and have - Body Pump brings me back to my center.

I guess Body Pump is my yoga?

I look forward to the extra-long lunge tracks and five minutes of biceps. The back track is my absolute favorite, especially when they play this song.

I am now off to finish my homework and watch Glee! You know I'm singing along;)

Hope you guys are having a great night!

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  1. Oh my gosh Jenny I'm so sorry about what your grandpa and your family are going through. Wish I could help somehow.. if you need anything I'm one phone call and a few streets away. <3