Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Disney for Adults

Hey, guys! I sure have missed ya'll!! Between finals, traveling back and forth to Tampa, taking a trip up north to Georgia and Tallahassee this weekend, Disney, and a minor school incident today - missing grade, no problem, it got fixed!- I have had about nada time to update E&E.

No bueno, but no problem- I'm back now and with some tales from my trip to Disney! Some friends and I decided to go to Epcot and the Magic Kingdom and MGM (which is now Hollywood Studios? Has it always been that way?) to celebrate the end of the semester.

I decided to start the day off with some chocolate Lucky Charms for the car ride down to Orlando. Yummmmmy.

They seemed very Disney-appropriate because like any good child, I ate all my marshmallows first and pouted through the rest of the boring cereal.

Don't worry guys, I didn't eat the weights you see behind my delish cereal.

About two hours later, we were here!

That's a pretty famous castle, huh? I didn't see any princesses though. Just Buzz Lightyear. Do they even have a princess come out dressed as Pochahontas? She's one of my top fave princesses, along with Belle and Sleeping Beauty. I really like the modern Alice (of in Wonderland;) because she's a badass and went sailing around the world instead of following a guy at the end of the movie. Can't hate that!
MGM Studios is my favorite- I still get seriously frightened on Tower of Terror - you should have heard me screaming like a baby! I bet fellow Orlando bloggers could. The feeling of weightlessness is pretty exhilarating, though! I'd really love to try skydiving... tandem, of course! At least the first time around.
After about 9 hour's worth of walking around the parks we decided it was time for Epcot, also known as time to Eat and Drink our way around the world. The really fun pictures are on my friend's camera, and if you're lucky I may post some pictures of me after three of these ginormous beers and a Grey Goose Citron slushee.
You heard me right. Disney's French area makes Grey Goose Citron slushees. Which tasted like candy. Amazing.
My friend and I decided to eat Chinese/Asian cuisine. I ordered chicken curry croissants, which were really just bread, bread, bread with a teeeeeeny piece of curry chicken in it. Luckily, I got to snag a few bites of these veggie egg rolls while their owner sipped a strawberry marg straight out of Mexico. Very authentic.

While we dined and drank our healthy cuisine, we got to watch a beautiful sunset over Lake Epcot. That may or may not be its actual name, so don't quote me on it;)

Again, most of the "fun" pictures are on my friends camera. I was disappointed though. I expected to get poutine in Canada, but no dice. Disney, you let me down! I did get to see Niagara Falls, though, so I think we're still on good terms.
And you can't leave Disney without buying some souveneirs, right? Especially after spending wayyyy too much on drinks.
Case in point: Mickey Mouse cereal/oatmeal/salad/yogurt mess/everything bowl. Super cute and only $7. Not too shabby for Disney.

I'm currently noshing on some chicken caesar salad and anxiously awaiting sing-a-long time, aka Glee!

Have you ever been to Disney? If so, what's your favorite part of it? If not, what are your favorite theme parks and how come?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Summer Sun and Margaritas

No, I am not in Phuket, but I have been relaxing poolside most of the day!

I love infinity pools that seem to drop off into the ocean!

Ah, Summer Vacation.
With you comes sunshine, tan skin, margaritas ... and up to 4 classes. Boo, UF, boo. I'm hesistant to say I'm ready to be done school because everyone is graduating and it's still a bit scary to think of the unknown!
Up til May 4, I will be emitting the laziest vibes possible- sleeping in, lying poolside and following up my rough day with some much-needed drinks. A trip to Tampa next weekend is a must for family time and Clearwater Beach.

"The sun and the sand and a drink in my hand, with no bottom" and "toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world a cold beer in my hand" are theme songs right now. In addition to Glee- as if you needed reminding!

With Clearwater Beach comes Frenchy's, my favorite of them being Rockaway, a casual restaurant located directly on the beach. The above picture showcases my favorite meal there, the Tropical Chicken Walnut Salad. Delish!
It comes with walnut chicken salad and fruit salad on a lettuce blend with a nice chunk of banana walnut bread to boot! I usually end up skipping the taco-salady (totally a word) bowl because I love diving face-first into their banana bread! Mmm:)

How did I get so lucky to have this as the backdrop for my hometown?

What does summer mean to you? What is your favorite summer meal? Any big plans? Fill me in!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Green Fiend

Green: In my opinion, has become a bit of a fad lately, but is the BEST of 'em! Anything that motivates people to reduce, reuse and recycle gets a thumbs-up in my book!

Do you know when I lived onboard that we were required to take military showers (rinse, turn off faucet, soap up, rinse again)? It has seriously left an impression on me - my showers usually last about 5 minutes, MAX! I also really like to reuse containers, like yogurt or pickle jars, as future leftover holders, and use shopping bags as trash bags.

I really believe that every little thing counts- a bunch of little efforts can add up to a lot!

Other green items I'm loving mucho lately include green tomaters. I've added them to chicken salad and replaced them with their red relative in regular salads. I'm loving the extra tanginess and kick they give to a meal! I have yet to fry them though, I'll leave it to the experts, Whistle Stop in Safety Harbor, Fla!

Unfortunately, during the glory that was the Madonna episode of Glee this week, I ate them during the fabulous song combos that I am quickly learning all of the words to.

Also loving: This shirt from Anthropologie. What don't I love from that store?? From their kitchen wares, to their bedding, to their fantastic clothes, I wish I could have it all.

I'm not there just yet- travel > clothes, at least in my book and I'm debating a trip up to Canada and one to Texas this summer!

And here's to the best green of them all: Earth Day, which is tomorrow, April 22 (Thursday)! This sounds cheesy, but we only have one planet and we have to learn how to treat it well- it gives us a lot! Again, the little things add up to make a big difference: eating one vegetarian meal is great for the environment! Try to walk to a place you'd normally drive to (within reasonable distance!)

Most importantly, take a second to appreciate the beauty of something around you- I live in Gainesville: Payne's Prarie is a beautiful area, as is Cedar Key and the Santa Fe River. Get out and enjoy nature! Go for a hike (can you really call it a hike in flat Florida?) or kayak down a river.

Love nature, so it can love you back!

Are you doing anything special for Earth Day? How do you take care of our planet on a daily basis?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Law of Diminishing Returns

The Law of Diminishing Returns: the current theme of where my studies are headed. I literally have not stopped hittin' the books since Friday. While no one loves nerdin' it up more than me, I can't wait to get these ugly red-colored notes out of my sight!

However, Smokin' Notes, I would like to thank you for all of your help in my more challenging classes thus far in my undergraduate career. Much love.

Diet Coke, to-do lists and a charging iPizzle are neccesities when I'm in my study cave. How else would I stay awake, focused and connected to the outside world in my last moments of the spring 2010 semester?

I knew you'd understand!

Ahhhhhhhhh- Let me tell you guys some prim-o (prime) words of wisdom I've learned from UF lately: five exams in one day is NOT normal! This may or may not be the first time I've even attemped to blog since Friday (?) when I retreated into my study cave, aka my kitchen table/Library West/Martson (best library on campus!)/couch... and eventually my bed. I don't like to give up.
After this post, I am going directly back to those same red notes you see in the lovely iPhone picture above. I can't wait to be reunited with my CGS notes! After two hours, I almost don't know what to do with myself anymore;)

Obvi, distractions were a must through this past weekend of studiousity. I never thought I'd see the day when I say that Twitter > Facebook. Social media, what will you come up with next?
It feels good to see the light at the end of the tunnel!
One more dose of negativity, then I swear I'm done- my exams are cutting into tonight's Glee episode! UGH! Nothing makes me more upset than this, because it is the long-awaited Madonna episode. I have already downloaded the songs from tonight's episode from iTunes and am well on my way to learning the words. This is my personal favorite, and I've listened to it a disgusting amount of times since about 1 p.m. today (it's not 4:02 on the dot.)

What can I say, I'm a sucker for duets! I am also loving this song- Took a squat break (literally, I stopped studying and did squats to this song. Don't know why- maybe I'm going crazy!?!)
Back to the books and on to my final exam of Spring 2010! Best of luck to all of you bloggers taking exams (now or soon!)
Next post to come during my summer vacay:)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Peace, Love and Pizza

Good afternoon, bloggies! I just returned from a fabulous lunch with fellow bloggers Shannon of Tropical Eats and Lindsey of Sound Eats. We ate at Satchels, which is somewhat of a Gainesville landmark, at least when it comes to pizza.

The restaurant has a very hippie-ish, laid back feel, which was perfect for this lovely day. I romped it up and got some stares in return, no big deal. I enjoyed most of their decorations, which included this door covered in beads and little trinkets:

Gorgeous, but unlikely to show up on the back of my apartment door anytime soon- I don't think the management would like it very much!

I also shamelessly repped Exercise and Eat on the seat of the chair next to me. It wasn't technically vandalism, writing on the walls is encouraged there- we ate inside of their van (sorry, no pics of that!) and I decided to promote myself. Because hey, if you can't rep yourself, who else will want to?


I had their lunch special, which included Satchels delicious salad- tossed in their amazing salad dressing, which claims it's made with love. Can't turn any of that karma away;) It also had some delicious green apples and sunflower seeds in it, along with your usual salady-goodness.

Fun fact of the day: Salad in Polish is salatka - except the l has a slanty line through it and is pronounced like a w, so it's sa-wat-ka.


I could literally have eaten the large bowl of this (serves 8, no biggie- but decided that adding a slice of pizza the size of my face would be a much better choice, obviously).

Eaten sans crust.
Just your regular cheese, topped with spinach, roasted red pepps, and artichoke hearts - for more love:)!

'Twas as delicious as it looks.

I'm thinking this key-decorated chandelier (definetly need to learn how to spell that) was gorgeous- think of all the stories behind each and every key!

I decided to call today a rest day, but am already getting agitated and want to go for a run or go pump some iron. Does this happen to any of you guys? Maybe it's because my other option is to study... I have five exams Tuesday!

Time to hit the books - what are your weekend plans? Tell me it's something more fun than Library West!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Health Care Reform

Oooh, controversial subject header, hey? I'm not going to be discussing Obamacare or Tea Parties on Exercise and Eat- just yet, at least!

Not that kind of tea party;)

Regardless of your personal feelings, I decided to write a personal "reform" statement for myself. Comparable to that of a mission statement (like that of Operation Beautiful's) or promise to myself, I wanted to make a deal with myself.

No more of this^^^^!

I was inspired a bit by the past couple days, that have been interesting;) To say the least... And by this quote: "Change your thinking, change your life." Hopefully that pertains (does that word work here? err...) to this, too!

Here goes:
I promise to treat my body like the running, Pump-ing, temple that it is. I will do this by eating sufficient calories and eating intuitively, by eating real food (most of the time;) and enjoying the occasional splurge.

I will not treat my body like it was meant to be pushed for hours on end each day, slaving away for the sake of numbers. I will be a balanced exercise-er, including weight lifting (strength is sexy!) and even throwing a little yoga in the mix.

I will not base my body off anyone else's. Miranda Kerr I am not, but eating mindfully will not make me (insert fear body here.)

There may have been times I weighed less, but the difference between then and now is an honest 5 pounds. The larger difference lies in the health of my hair and nails (underneath the fakes;), my energy levels, and the most important difference: the ability to eat food and not blow up like a balloon if it's anything other than salad or fat free versions of the "real thing." I promise to not be mad at myself when having that extra beer, or slice of cake.

Most importantly, I promise to love myself - or work on being better at it - and not base what I think about myself off of what others do. Because I believe that when you think you look good, that translates to others. And I promise to smile as much as I can!

Things that are making me smile in this moment:

1. I tweeted about wanting to get to 100 followers, and so many people responded. I would like to say hello and thank you! I teared up... no joke! This reaffirms my love for blogging! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

2. "Hello Goodbye" and "Hello" by the cast of Glee. Now that the season has started, you'll be seeing a lot of song links on here, but they are sooo good!

3. Satchels meet-up with Lindsey and Shannon?? Let me know, girls!

What is your idea of personal health care reform or promise to yourself?

And a MAJOR thank you to everyone who followed me on Twitter, again, you made my night. THANK YOU!!

Gleeful, but Embarassed

How many of ya'll watched Glee last night? I did... and loved it! As soon as I saw the songs available for download this morning on iTunes, I knew I had to have them in my library. Especially this one- listen to it and you'll fall in love. Promise.

"Hello" and "Hope it Gives You Hell" are on repeat, as is "Highway to Hell." I can't wait for next week's Madonna episode! How funny was Sue's "Vogue" music video last night?! This song just showcases how amazing next week will be.

I predict mucho sexual tension between Finn and Rachel and the teachers (whose names I can't remember right now!) Check out a preview! I'm a wee bit obsessed, if you couldn't tell, especially with Rachel - in a non-lesbian way;) (and no, I'm not promoting them for Fox!) A girl can dream, though!

Back my regular life, as I don't have an awesome voice no matter how many times I sing in the shower/car... I feel like my neighbors aren't going to love me much this week- I just can't get enough of those songs!
Recently, a lot of people have asked for my blog's Web address and I admittedly gave it out very reluctantly. Which, at a most basic level doesn't make sense because I obviously want a lot of people to read my blog! I have always kind of been a quiet, shy person and I feel like sometimes I get into subjects I haven't discussed with friends.

The content of my posts are also affected by what the readers want, and if they've already seen posts, I try to avoid rehashing the same deets for you guys. Because hey, let's admit it, you can only read the same story so many times, even if it is about hot vampires and wolves fighting for one mortal's attention.

I digress.

How do you guys deal with the embarrassment factor of blogs? Are you easily embarassed? Has blogging affected any of your personal relationships?

Not exactly THAT level of embarassment, but you get the idea.

Last night's post and a post from this weekend has already seemed to cause some drama in my life. Guys, my grandpa passed away and came back to life after I hit publish. I know it probably reads as a bit crazy, but I didn't want to delete that post. I've had to deal with a lot of deaths (and yes, I count the sinking of Concordia as a death. When you live on a ship and become an adult on a vessel it becomes your home... I cried watching the second Pirates of the Caribbean the other day.) All of these deaths are really getting to me.
I deleted a post of mine that I really wanted to write because it was so repetitive of other bloggers, and reactions I got to a recent post really surprised me.

I can also see some of my posts starting drama... I want to blog for me and me alone! At least, my ideas alone. I want to blog for you guys, too. The support system of the blogging community is pretty darn amazing, and I lurve being a part of it.

Life is hard sometimes, and adding more drama to it doesn't make sense! Blogging is such a great outlet- we should help each other out instead of bringing each other down.
Here is something seriously positive: Check out the food, um, man candy on this Shedding It and Getting It post. Made my Wednesday morning a heck of a lot better;) I'm begging for weekly installments! Here's my favorite guy.
And here's to more positive blogging for everyone! Enjoy the day, loves:)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Body Pump

Whew! If you read my last post, you can understand I've had a crazy night. Crazy of the craziest!

I am now in the midst of homework that doesn't make sense, studying for five exams on Tuesday, ending an internship, starting a new one and everything else!

And a little Glee watching thrown into the mix:)

I have the morning off tomorrow (at least til 11) due to the whole ending-the-internship thing, so I'm finally going to take an a.m. Body Pump class at Gainesville Heath and Fitness Center.

Some of you may have heard Tina talk about the class, but I can't sing its praises enough.

That Les Mills sure knows what he's talking about!

The class works every muscle in your body (and the ones you didn't even know you had!) and you leave feeling awesome and alive. I think strength is sexy, and while I could do cardio til I'm blue in the face - and have - Body Pump brings me back to my center.

I guess Body Pump is my yoga?

I look forward to the extra-long lunge tracks and five minutes of biceps. The back track is my absolute favorite, especially when they play this song.

I am now off to finish my homework and watch Glee! You know I'm singing along;)

Hope you guys are having a great night!

Be sure to read the red at the end!

*Warning: Less Than Happy Post Ahead*

Today started out great. Glee was coming on tonight, I just had a great weekend of travel and I had a blogger meet up with Lindsey and Shannon for some Krishna lunch- curried veggies and coconut rice with a sweet dessert.

Clearly, I get dressed up for school in a tee and running shorts. What can I say, comfort is key!

Menu Action:

Krishna on mah knees:


Then, the tables turned.

My grandfather just passed away.

This makes him the fourth person I know to have passed this year. Along with Concordia sinking and something personal that happened early January, it is becoming too much. Aren't bad things supposed to happen in threes?

How come it is five-sies for me?

What sucks even more is that I can't go home sessions til Friday. I have five exams on Tuesday and review sessions that I absolutely need to go to til then.

I know and love the American Beauty quote, "It's hard to stay mad when there's so much beauty in the world...," but right now, it seems really easy for me to be mad and feel selfish and ask why is this happening?

On a much more positive note, my Grandpa passing away could be a good thing, I guess, in the simplest of terms. He hasn't been able to talk after a stroke since I was in fourth grade (I'm a second semester senior right now) and I can't even begin to imagine how hard that is. Maybe it's just time.

It seems not sad in a way, I don't really feel sad I kind of feel relieved that he doesn't have to not feel left out or not talk and not have energy to do things.

And I'm really hoping he's going to be the last one to pass! (Someone out there, hear me and please, please make that happen!)

In THE most ridiculous news, my Grandpa just came back. From the dead!!! It is so unfair THAT HE HAS TO GO THROUGH THIS PAIN.

The nurses announced him DNR, but then he came back- full color and energy.

Does it make me a bad person to feel more relieved that he had passed? I just want his pain to go away but I am glad I'll (hopefully) get to see him Friday.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I Made it to Palmyra!

I wish! Look at that beautiful water:

Not the actual atoll, but a road in Albany, GA. I'm kicking myself for not taking a photo!Guys, you will never hear the end of my love for this atoll- people toss around the word "favorite," but this really is my favorite place in the world!

Gina, when I was driving through Valdosta I kept thinking of you! I even saw some Nascar-style jackets after pumpin' some gas there... wow;) Next time I go through I'll have to stop by!
Stopped for a photo shoot off of the 82 aka Corridor Z. People stared.

Not all things in GA were stereotypical, but my jaw was almost to the floor of my car- in a good way- when I was driving into Albany - so Southern and not what I expected. I was driving along a road called Corridor Z (no joke, at least according to my Garmin) for about 40 minutes and it was beautiful. I used to fancy myself LeAnn Rimes growing up (pre-skankiness husband stealing) and immediately wanted to get on a horse, grow some crops and drink sweet tea.

Hands down, the night sky was my favorite part. I've missed it more and more after being at sea... the lights of Gainesville (what I now consider a big-ish city) just don't cut it. I literally could have lay outside all night staring up at the sky.

Also, if you're from Georgia (or Tampa;) welcome to my blog! It's great to have you here... if only I got to wear a headset and talk smack to 12-year-olds when I write, blogging would be so much cooler;)

After a great weekend of travel (some not so great- i.e. my Tampa trip, just because of the reasons for travel -- but this doesn't include Atlanta or St. Augustine!) I was glad to get back- my weeks of interning and school are winding down. This week marks the end of my internship with the March of Dimes and classes. At least I'll get in a solid two nights of Tutoring Zone... I keep trying to convince myself it's normal to be excited for tutoring? I've heard otherwise.

I'm the loser (or regular college student, if you see it like that;) who gets there early with pens, pencils and highlighters and who is super-attentive the whole time. I guess I just like to study?
Speaking of the end of my internship, the office had a celebratory lunch today at Flying Biscuit. Yummmmmy. I had another Hollywood Omelette, and left with a complimentary food coma and food baby after devouring the plate (and sketchily taking a photo of it so my boss wouldn't think I was a weirdo)
In other thrilling news, after this weekend my body is killing me from longer runs! Does anyone in the Gainesville/Tampa area know of any good, not creepy, no happy-ending masseuses (?) that aren't too expensive? I have this weird pain in my back that I need worked out asap!

I am now off to spinning- I'm really hoping they have good tunes to listen/sing along with (don't act like ya'll don't do that) because I have been dragging today! My beloved Red Bull hasn't even saved me yet:(

Friday, April 9, 2010


How beautiful is this picture? I am so thankful I live near to the beautiful beaches of St. Augustine, Florida. Perfect therapy after a rough week.

Boys will be boys. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em!

The ocean solves everything for me. There is something about the calming sound of the waves and the powerful way it can literally wash you of everything- so cleansing! It gives me that relaxed, yoga feeling.

Much like the bath I just took did. I am typing this to you with my hair up, turban-style. You know what's up.

My girlfriends and the wonderful Gilmore Girls have been there for me. I only wish I had all of the seasons, but only have 6 and 7. I guess I can watch them online, like I do with HBO shows like Big Love.

Disclaimer: I do not promote show-stealing, but it is sometimes inevitable;)

Ya'll have provided me with comfort to, via your blogs and Twitter. Is it weird that blogs provide me a sense of comfort? Do they do the same for you?

Love these ladies.

And who hasn't heard about this story that's floating around newspapers and being talked about by the health-conscious? I can't be the only one who thinks eating a sandwich where the bread component is replaced by meat? That just seems gross to eat with your hands.

The calories aren't that out of control, at a somewhat respectable 540, but seriously? You're eating a sandwich of fried chicken, filled with bacon and cheese. Really, KFC, REALLY!??!

No wonder the lovely Jamie Oliver is taking such interest in helping us out! If you haven't already, I seriously recommend watching his show on ABC on Demand. It's really great stuff.

Mmm, that picture just makes me crave meat and cheese... Maybe the people behind the Atkins diet will support this?
Well, I'm off to Tampa for my friend's father's funeral service. Sad day, and it reminds me to not sweat the small stuff - to say the very least. I'm heading to Atlanta on Saturday, and have a work party on Sunday and Monday- some good times ahead:) Gina and Lindsey, we're going to Flying Biscuit for one of our work parties! I can't wait:)
What are your weekend plans? Any travels planned?
I hope ya'll have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ode to Clif

Oh Clif,
how I love thee.

Best for a morning break of fast,
Or an afternoon snack;

Your natural bars are exquisite
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
is the shiz-nit.
Chocolate Chip comes in close behind
And holiday flavors, on which I love to dine.

After a hard day liftin' weights,
A Builder's bar which I come home to awaits.

When my feminity is in full-swing,
A Chocolate Peppermint Luna bar I'll always bring.

No matter what situation I seem to get in to
Clif bars are there for me and everything I do!


... and foodie porn. Because I'm craving sweets again, surprise surprise:)

And because hey, who doesn't like to get their grub on and chow down every once in a while post-Oscars? I know I do.

Dressed to impress: Hilary Swank, looking gorge as always celebrating her successes:)

And, my kind of food porn (at least for today): Cute sweets!

Call me crazy, but I wouldn't mind chowing down on these adorable cupcakes!

And especially recently, what with the passing of Easter and all, who hasn't enjoyed a Peep or two (or three... or four...) in all their cute, naturally-colored goodness;)

Blurr-ay. My apologies.

This has by far been my favorite Google picture search. However, I did come across some scanadalous pictures. (Disclaimer: May be a little inappropriate, FYI.)

Gina, I'm having Indian tonight! My parents are coming up and I'm psyched about it.

And ladies (and fellas!!), I just joined Food Buzz - and don't really know what I'm doing yet. Any helpful tips and tricks of the trade?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Achoo! (Bloggie-reader response: Gesundheit!)

Bad joke, sorry guys & gals! Where is my sense of humor? I must be losing a little with each successive sneeze...

Good Lord! Does anyone elses's pollen allgergies get worse indoors than they are outside?
I swear every time I go from being outside to coming inside, I sneeze like a mo-fo (does that word need a hyphen? Fellow journalists, lemme know!). This mo-fo sneezing leads to me taking Publix brand allergy meds, which means I will be sleeping like a baby in no time.
A guest I served at the pizza restaurant told me that local honey would solve my allergic reaction to Gainesville pollen.

Maybe it's just finals season;)? Only joking, I'm so lucky and appreciative to be at UF, no matter what I say. Can't wait for that diploma!

To beat my allergies, I am headed all around the state of Florida - and a bit out of it this weekend!

I am headed to Tampa/Clearwater (I grew up in Clearwater, and recently learned Angela of Oh She Glows spent some time there, too!) - and still don't know what to refer to it when I'm going home. My parents live in Tampa, but my home is Clearwater... yet now that I'm getting closer to graduation, what is "home" to me seems to be constantly changing... oh existential crises!

Back to the point- I'm headed to Tampa/Clearwater for a funeral service for my best friend's father. I can't even imagine. All I know is she is so strong and handling this so well. She is amazing!

After that, I am heading to St. Augustine for some Atlantic Ocean therapy, which is much-needed.

How peaceful does that look? I can't wait to jump in the water and feel the waves and power of the ocean again. So healing.

Then, I am headed to Atlanta, for about a half of the day. Anyone been there/live there? Where should I go for lunch/dinner? Helpful hints are always appreciated!

Where do you go for therapy? What is your "outlet"? What gives you therapy/healing/relief and seems to solve your problems?

And who is running Live Earth? Sorry if it gives you the Florida locations, unless you live here!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Home Stress

Oops, I mean the home stretch! Exams and the ending of internships and work are getting to me! Plus, the personal life- isn't it hard when you realize people change or maybe weren't who you thought they were?

Today was one of those days, and it was an uphill battle. The entire way... I was wishing I was here- Palmyra Atoll... a gorgeous, perfect island in the middle of the pacific (literally), rather than in Gainesville.

Wine was drank, Gilmore Girls was watched.

Sorry for the negativity, I digress.

I am thankful for:

  • The ability to have sailed to beautiful Palmyra, and the fresh coconut water/milk I drank there.
  • Gina's spiralizer giveaway! Check it out:)
  • The many, many forms love comes in and how good life has been to me! It's easy to forget when things can get rough.

What are you thankful for?